The World’s Most Beautiful Beach: Nacpan Beach

My family and I spent Christmas break 2016 at El NIdo, Palawan. This is the second time that i visited El Nido. The first time was February 2013 with good friends. What made this trip exciting and extra special is because, first, it is spent with family. There is nothing more special than spending quality time with family. Second, i have no work on mind because i am officially on vacation leave with no reports to make and emails to respond. Third, one of our itinerary is to spend a day at the most beautiful beach in the world for  2016 which is Nacpan Beach. I was very interested to see this place and see for myself the beautiful place that every El Nido traveler has been talking about. I have been to some of the beautiful beaches that Philippines is known for: Boracay Island, Malapascua Island, Siquijor Island, Camotes Island, Manjuyod Sand Bar, Bantayan Island and so much more. Early this year (March 2016), i spent 6 nights at Maldives as well and i am excited to know what Nacpan Beach has to offer for an island girl and a beach bum like me.

There are three ways to reach Nacpan:

1.)Rent a Tricycle. You can negotiate the price from Php 800.00- Php 1,500.00 for a day The price actually depends on your haggling skills. Pick up time is usually from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. But you have the liberty to dictate the time.

2.)Rent a van or multicab. Price is Php 2,500.00- Php 3,000.00. This is recommended for big groups and for people who wants to have a comfortable ride.

3.)Rent scooter motorbike for Php 500.00, semi-automatic motorbike for Php 600.00 and manual motorbike for Php 700.00. This is one of the most famous ways to get there. This is for adventurous people (like us!) and for those who knows how to drive a motorbike.

We were blessed with a beautiful weather during the entire duration of our vacation. My mother, sister and niece rented a tricycle(for Php1,000.00) while me and JT rented a scooter motorbike(for Php 500.00 including 2 helmets). I enjoyed the ride going to Nacpan Beach. It is 17 kilometers from El Nido town. We passed by scenic and green places along the road.

17 kilometers motorbike ride to Nacpan Beach

The road is cemented all throughout until you reach the sign board on the left side saying “This Way to Nacpan Beach Resort”

From this corner, you need to travel for 3 kilometers more. The road is mostly rough and uncemented.

An entrance fee of Php 50.00 per head is collected at the entrance. They ran out of official receipt so they let us go inside for free. They said that the entrance fee is for the road repair and i could have been more than willing to pay for the entrance fee.

We were welcomed with  4 kilometers beach stretch with white, creamy sand! It was love at first sight for an island girl like me!

Nacpan Beach

Tourists were sun bathing, swimming, drinking beer and cocktails as early as 10:00 AM! It was truly a sight to behold. It was basically Maafushi Island, Maldives feels.There are cottages for you so stay and are free of charge.

We settled in the restaurant and ordered food for lunch while people watching. There were tourists playing volleyball with some locals and they are a joy to watch.

Food there was regularly priced. Each serving is good for 2-3 people for around Php200.00-250.00 per viand with a free rice. The attendant told us it was good for one so we ordered one viand per person, we ended up ordering too much. We also shared our food to the motorcycle driver. A bottle of beer costs Php 50.00, not bad!

There are also beach resorts nearby but if you are just doing a day tour like us, there are clean rest rooms and bath rooms available with no fees.

After a sumptuous lunch, we head down to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful waves of Nacpan Beach.

my niece and i having so much fun

my niece Dimple, Ate Darling and moi

It was so much fun basking under the sun on the most beautiful beach of the world with the people that i love. It was a perfect day!

Truly, the Philippines is a home of beautiful beaches and hospitable people. And yes, Nacpan Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that i have the honor to experience. Everything in this place is just awesome! It was like a community of people just there to spread joy, good vibes and fun in one beautiful, amazing place.

For those traveling to El Nido, please do not miss this in your itinerary. I highly recommend this paradise to all wanderers like me. As always, don’t forget to bring sunblock for your skin protection, sun tanning lotion for those wanting to have a perfect tan (this place is perfect!), bring a lot of water for hydration and you may also bring your own food, chips, beer or any drinks because they don’t charge corkage fees as long as you order at the restaurant if you want to stay and chill there.

A piece of heaven is found here in El Nido, Philippines!

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