Top Things to do North of Cebu

Previously, i shared a blog about things to do South of Cebu. From mountains, beaches, whale shark watching, beaches and food. There are various ways to enjoy the southern part of Cebu. On this blog post, i will share to you top things to enjoy on a road trip or a weekend at North of Cebu.

1. Buy Masi and Titay’s Rosquillos.

This is always my first stop going to North. Masi is a sticky rice peanut filling that is sold by vendors at the streets. This famous delicacy of Liloan reaches up to North Reclamation Area by vendors who offer it to commuters.



crushed peanuts wrapped in sticky rice (masi)

Titay’s is the place to buy the famous Rosquillos. Their store in Liloan is widely famous and is now considered a land mark or a usual meeting place for people going to North of Cebu. It is also one of the bus stops of Ceres Liner.


Titay’s Pasalubong Center and Restaurant.

2. Say a prayer at Danao Church (Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Church).

This old church is just along the national highway at your left if you are going North.


3. Explore Camotes Island!

To go to Camotes Island, travel 1.5 – 2 hours by land from Cebu City proper to Danao Port.

From Danao Port, there is a Ro-Ro vessel (Jomalia Shipping) going to Consuelo Port in Camotes Island. Travel time by boat is approximately two hours.

One can choose to travel by public bus (take the north-bound Ceres bus from the North Bus terminal in Reclamation Area Cebu) or take a private transport.

Private vehicles may be parked overnight at the Danao pier for a fee of approximately PhP 300 per night.

For those who wish to take their vehicle to Camotes Island, you may arrange with the ticketing booth at the port upon arrival. Rate is approximately PhP 1,200 per vehicle per way.


*Rates may change without prior notice

  • Car – PhP 1,000 per car per way; PhP 2,000 roundtrip
  • Van – PhP 2,000 per van per way; PhP 4,000 roundtrip 


*Rates may change without prior notice

  • Non-aircon: PhP 180 per person per way
  • Aircon: PhP 200 per person per way 

Contact us if you wish to book the tickets in advance and avoid the lines. Service charge may apply.


*Schedule below may change without prior notice

    • 5:30AM, 8:30AM, 11AM
    • 2PM, 5:30PM
    • 5:30AM, 9AM
    • 1PM, 3PM, 5PM

Upon arrival at Camotes Island, we rode a tricycle going to Mangodlong Rock Resort where we stayed for two nights.



Food at the resort was delish and affordable too.

Beautiful Camotes Island sunset.

Beautiful Camotes Island sunset.


white sand beach of Camotes Island



4. Have a taste of the delicious Catmon Bibingka.

This is best eaten when hot and paired with coffee or hot choco. You would not miss it because they are found at the national highway. These vendors close at around 5 pm.


5. Have brunch at the famous Duko Duko Eatery.

A few kilometes from the Bibingka area is  Duko-Duko Eatery. They are famous for their native chicken which is cooked either fried or Tinola. There are also other yummy food that you can choose from. They also serve “mais” which is a perfect pair for Tinolang Native Chicken.


Tinolang Native Chicken.

Tinolang Native Chicken.

6. Be adventurous at Danasan Eco-Adventure Park.

This place is ideal for those who want to experience wake boarding, caving, ATV trailing, trekking and swimming at Danasan Falls. I’ve been here twice already and on both times, i drove a private vehicle going there. There are also shuttles available for your convenience.

Cebu – Danasan (round trip for minimum number of 14pax.)400 per head (round trip)
Danao – Danasan (round trip) 250 per head (round trip)



Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding


ATV Trailing at the vast Danasan property and with a very picturesque view.


For reservations, please click the link below.


7. Road trip to Bogo City

Please click the link to a previously published blog.

Bogo (Cebu) Road Trip

8. Experience Holy Week at Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island has always been my favorite summer destination. I have been here a couple of times and i can never get enough of its beautiful creamy white sand beach. If you plan to go there driving a private vehicle, there are parking areas where you can leave your vehicles and they charge Php 300.00 per day. Note that they charge per day meaning if you leave your car on say for example 1pm on this day and you will come back the next day, you will be charged Php 600.00. However if you opt to ride a public vehicle going there here is the Bus schedule

Cebu North Bus Terminal Shedule:

5:30 am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 8am, 8:30am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm ( they do change, so plan to wing it if your bus has left earlier/later than is listed here)

*Other buses that will not arrive in Hagnaya in time for the last Ferry of the day are: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm & 5:30pm. (if you must take one of these that won’t make the last Hagnaya Ferry of the day, just get a hotel room in Bogo Cebu, (i recommend staying at Nailon Beach Resort) a few minutes ride from Hagnaya and take the early morning Ferry boat in Hagnaya the next day).

It is best to ride an aircon bus, as the regular buses are open window older buses that take in all the road dirt, polluted air and vehicle exhaust, making you a dirty sweaty mess upon arrival in Cebu City, not to mention choking your lungs out.

There are also ferry boats from Sta. Fe to Hagnaya running from 5am-5:30pm, there are always buses waiting for the boat passengers although you might only be able to catch a regular non-aircon bus at certain times of the day.

Marlin Beach Resort

Marlin Beach Resort

Holy Week bonding at bantayan Island with good friends.

Holy Week bonding at bantayan Island with good friends. Brunch by the sea at Marlin Beach Resort.

Attended Good Friday procession at Bantayan Island.

Attended Good Friday procession at Bantayan Island.

Party by the beach. Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island.

Party by the beach. Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island.

Serene morning overlooking the beautiful Banatayan Island beach.

Serene morning overlooking the beautiful Banatayan Island beach.

Family breakfast by the sea. (Marlin Beach Resort)

Family breakfast by the sea. (Marlin Beach Resort)

Chasing the sunrise. Morning jig around Bantayan Island.

Chasing the sunrise. Morning jog around Bantayan Island.

Enjoy Balot or Penoy at the island.

Enjoy Balot or Penoy at the island.

forever a sunset chaser

forever a sunset chaser

Anika Island Resort is also an option, they have one of the best beach fronts in the island.

Anika Island Resort is also an option, they have one of the best beach fronts in the island.

You can also rent a banca to take you to Virgin Island in Bantayan. It has white sand beach ideal for basking under the sun. Cottages are available for rent at Php500.00.

Virgin Island, Bantayan

Virgin Island, Bantayan

Virgin Island

Virgin Island

If you did not bring a private vehicle, you can go around the island via trisikad. Need not worry about food, since there are a lot of restaurants there and food in the island is affordable too. You can also buy fresh fish and shells in the market and have it cooked in the resort.



9. Discover Malapascua Island.

This is one of the favorite islands of my good friend Mario Jonel Picadizo, in fact he has been here around 6x already and two of that is with me! We had a recent trip last August 2016 to this island and this is truly one of the enchanting islands in Cebu.

There are a few friends requested for this blog, and here it is.

Take a Taxi from your hotel to Northern bus terminal. Take the “CERES” bus with the signboard: “Maya Bagay” or ask for the bus which goes to “Maya”. The first bus leaves the terminal at 5:00 AM, and every hour thereafter. Maya is about 4 hours away from Cebu, which is your stop to take the boat to Malapascua Island.

If you opt to bring a private vehicle, there is a parking space at the port with a fee of Php 100.00 per 24 hours. Unlike the Port of Hagnaya that charged per day, Maya Port charge per 24 hours.

I was a bit saddened that when we went there, the boat men were trying to convince us to rent a private banca saying that we have to wait for more passengers otherwise the public banca will be cancelled. Good thing that the Assistant of the City Mayor arrived and so automatically, they grabbed our things and told us that the banca is leaving and we will pay Php100.00 each instead of a private banca for Php1,500.00. They have been warned already not to take advantage of tourists. So be very careful when you try to talk to them.

The road to Maya Port.

The road to Maya Port.

While waiting for our banca.

While waiting for our banca.

Maya Port.

Maya Port.

If it is low tide, you have to take a smaller boat to be able to reach the bigger boat. There is a fee of Php 20.00 per person.

This is the smaller boat that will take you to the bigger boat.

This is the smaller boat that will take you to the bigger boat.

We were able to book a room at White Sand Bungalows with an amazing beach front for Php 1,000.00 per night.


Private Beach at Tepanee Beach Resort

Private Beach at Tepanee Beach Resort

Waiting for sunset at Tepanee Beach Resort.

Waiting for sunset at Tepanee Beach Resort.

The best pizza and pasta restaurant in the island is Angelina’s. You should not miss it when you visit the island. It is located just beside Tepanee Beach Resort.


There is also a Thai restaurant which we tried at our resort and mind you, the owners are cool with you bringing water, softdrinks even beer and wine with no corkage fee plus the ambience of the restaurant is really nice and comfy.


The next day we rented a boat to go around the island. They charge for Php 800.00 per boat.



This is where we stayed for an hour to swim.


We are glad that we had a big boat to take us around the island.

Kalanggaman Island is just an hour away from Malapascua Island. So if you have ample time, you may book a day tour to Kalanggaman Island for Php 800.00 per head inclusive of a buffet lunch.


Malapascua Island is also a haven for divers. I was told that they have one of the best dive spots in Cebu. That is why when you are looking for a souvenir, there are shops selling wooden Thresher Shark. Malapascua is the only place in the world where recreational divers encounter Thresher Sharks on a near daily basis.



10. Side trip to Kalanggaman Island.

As previously mentioned, there are bancas from Malapascua Island who will take you to Kalanggaman Island for Php800.00 with buffet lunch. There are also other routes going to Kalanggaman Island which is dubbed as one of the best sand bars in the Philippines. Please refer to the previous blog i published about it.

Easiest Route to Kalanggaman Island From Cebu

11. Staycation at Kandaya Resort.

Going up further North of Cebu is Daanbantayan nestled a luxurious beach resort which is a perfect place to spend staycations. Kandaya Beach Resort has world class amenities and impeccable customer service.

Please refer to the blog i previously published about my amazing stay in this beautiful paradise.



12. Have fun at Funtastic Island in Gitbingil, Medellin.

Take a bus from North Bus Terminal bound for Kawit (leaves every hour). The fare is Php150 for Ceres (aircon) Bus and 145 for non-aircon ones. Just let the conductor know that you’re going to Gibitngil Island and he’ll drop you off at Kawit.

From Barangay Kawit, you can take a pump-boat (outrigger boat) for PhP1500, or so, that can accommodate 20 people. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the island from Alpine Pantalan (port).

Funtastic Island is often called as the little Palawan of Cebu because of its walls of rocks. It has colorful cottages on top of the rocks. Entrance fee is at Php10 per person.

Cottages are for rent:

  • Small Cottage A : 50 Pesos
  •  Small Cottage B : 75 Pesos
  • Small Cottage C : 150 Pesos
  •  Medium Kiosk with Diving Board : 200 Pesos
  • Medium Cottage with Grilling Area : 200 Pesos
  • Big Kiosk (top) : 250 Pesos



We were able to rent the topmost cottage with a fantastic view and just beside the diving platform.


Funtastic Island is known as Little Palawan of Cebu.


The highlight of this place is this cliff jumping spot where people line up to jump.


braving myself to the cliff jumping spot


view of the island from afar.

There are also other activities that you can do while in the island such as:

Kayak:  50 Pesos per hour
Zipline:  50 Pesos per ride (outside the resort)
Tarzan Jump: 25 pesos (outside the resort)
Watchtower: 1,200 pesos/whole day (on the water)

Make sure to bring food and drinks as there are no stores or restaurants in the island. There are no available rooms in the island too. So we opted to spend the night at the resort nearby.

13. Chase the Medellin sunset.


Medellin, Cebu.

Medellin, Cebu.



our home at Medellin.

We capped the night with a traditional massage for Php100 per head, not bad!

The Churvivors. :)

The Churvivors from Moalboal conquers Medellin. 🙂

The next day we had another swimming session. We just can’t get enough of the beach.

14. Pit stop at Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort.


Entrance Fee is Php60.00 per head. Unfortunately, there was a lot of people. We were not able to enjoy the place as much as we wanted to. We stayed there just to eat our lunch (we bought our own food) and was not able to swim.


How to get here:

From Cebu City approximate distance 39.15Km to 42.56Km. Travel time approximate 40 minutes to an hour.

If commuting:
Drop off at Carmen Proper Public Market and just inform the driver. They should know the place.

If own vehicle:
From Carmen Proper Public Market it will be 3 blocks away before you reach Carmen National High School. From there left turn (from Carmen National High School) and drive all the way up until you see their marker on the right side of the road. Approximately 5Km away from the National Highway.

Other known markers you’ll see along the way: Shemberg Plant, M Lhuillier Farm, Hectares of banana plantation, Mt. Uragay Spring Resort. If you reached St. Benedict Monastery, you need to go back a few meters.


Photo grabbed from Paulo Durano.

15. Celebrate a birthday weekend at Tabuelan.

We checked in at Hawaiian Beach Resort in Tabuelan one weekend to celebrate the birthday of my cousin Vic Anthony. This resort is very cozy. We were so lucky because that weekend it was only us who booked at the resort. It was like renting the whole place and we just paid for 3 rooms. They have a kitchen or a common area where you can cook, wash dishes and eat food as well. It even has a Videoke Machine which we rented for Php500.00 per day. It was non-stop eating, singing and swimming with the whole family.



view from our room

view from our room

kitchen/videoke place/dining area

kitchen/videoke place/dining area


Tabuelan sunset.

Tabuelan sunset.

morning coffee with this view

morning coffee with this view


With the family and birthday boy!

15.1 Or you can cheer for your loved one at Tabuelan Triathlon Event.

Tabuelan 111 Triathlon is the race that almost all triathletes who will participate at Iron Man 70.3 Race will join. This event is held every June which is 2 months away from the August Iron Man Race. I got a chance to cheer on my then friend now boyfriend at the 2014 Tabuelan 111 Triathlon Race.



16. Relax at San Remigio.

Located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City, the North Bus Terminal is the main hub for buses, mini-buses and vans for hire plying routes for the Northern part of Cebu province.The bus routes include Bogo, Daanbantayan, Maya, Medellin, San Remigio, and Hagnaya, among others.

San Remigio has the longest shoreline of any municipality in Cebu. There are several beach resorts, as well as public beaches with long stretches of white sand.

Today, San Remigio has become a new diving destination. There are a few marine sanctuaries, with new dive sites being developed all the time. A PADI dive shop in San Remigio Beach Club caters to beginner and experienced divers who want to enjoy San Remigio’s marine life.

During the Tabuelan 111 Triathlon Race, we were able to book a resort at San Remigio. It was at Cebu Paradise Resort in Tabuelan.


Cebu Paradise Resort

our resort room

Cebu Paradise Resort-Room 1 and 2


Cebu Paradise Resort, San Remigio

I was able to stay at San Remigio Beach Club too a few years ago and went back this year to celebrate the birthday of Cousin Euco Dale. They renovated their rooms and they maintained the whole property well.








San Remigio Beach Club- May 2010


San Remigio Beach Club

17. Enjoy Hot Tsokolate at Adventure Cafe

Going home from North, we usually take the Transcentral Highway route. It has a view of mountains and what it seems to be an endless route of curves and ravines. I want to catch the sunset too while driving. But the main reason why i pass by here is Adventure Cafe is that it has the best tsokolate, budbud (sticky rice) and mangoes and enjoyed devouring it with a scenic view. It also has adventure features such as zip lining, wall climbing, rappelling, site seeing, caving, trekking, and even throwing plates on their stress walls.

Here are the rates for their activities:

Zip Line – ₱150
Climb/Rappel – ₱100/activity
Caving – ₱250/pax (minimum of 5 pax)
Falls – ₱650/pax (minimum of 5 pax; Subject to booking 3 days prior)





Also, you can purchase locks and put it in the railings like that of France. It can be placed at the railings (behind me) or at the staircase going to the second floor.

There you go. I hope that i was able to give you an idea on where to go and eat In the northern part of Cebu. I never get tired of exploring Cebu as this city has so much to offer whether you go to South or North there is always something to look forward to. There are always exciting things to do and places to explore. I don’t even mind coming back again and again!

Since my mantra in doing my blog is sharing something that i personally saw, did or had eaten, i am looking forward to discover more places so that i can share to you my travel experiences as well as my food adventures.

I read this once that there is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this, so pack your things and go on in an adventure! After all, life is an adventure, DARE IT!

For details about this blog post, please send me a message or comment below, i am thrilled to hear from you!










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