Stopover at Onuma Park

From Hakodate, we made a quick stopover at Onuma Quasi National Park. It can be easily accessed by riding a train from Hakodate. From Hakodate Station, Onuma Koen Station can be reached in 20 minutes by limited express train (1160 yen by non-reserved seat) or in one hour by local train (540 yen). Most limited express trains from Hakodate to Sapporo make a brief stop at Onuma Koen Station. Since we were in transit going to another city, we bought along our luggage already. We had two options: leave our luggage at the coin locker located at Onuma Koen station or at the Onuma International Exchange Plaza or Tourist Information office for a fee. We chose the latter and paid 300 yen for 3 bags. The usual rate is 300 yen per bag but since we told the lady in-charge that we are there for just a quick stop then she told us to pay 300 yen for the 3 bags.

From Onuma train station, you will walk for around 10 minutes going to the park. Along the way, you can see various restaurants and shops.

Outside one of the restaurants going to Onuma Park.

This park is at the foot of Mount Komagatake and includes Onuma, Konuma, Junsainuma and other lakes. Onuma is the largest lake and is 24 km in circumference with a depth of 13.6 meters.

There are 126 islets in the lake and 18 bridges connecting a select few so travelers and locals alike can enjoy walking on the trails, cycling using rented bicycles, pleasure cruising, boating and canoeing. Mount Komagatake stands close to Onuma and is the main symbol of the park.

At any given season, Onuma Quasi National Park is a must visit to travelers since every season they offer different exciting things to do. On warmer days, they offer camping, hiking and  cycling activities. During winter, Onuma turns into a snow-covered wonderland. Ice fishing for Kawasagi (Smelt) is a popular winter activity in which fishing enthusiasts make hole in the ice through which small fish can be reeled in. Snowmobiles, buggies and sleds can also be driven on top of the ice. Skiing and cross-country skiing options also available, Onuma has got it all when it comes to winter fun.

The majestic view of Mt. Komagatake.

Even if the the weather is really cold and the wind is blowing hard, there are still plenty of tourists when we went there. We enjoyed the quick stop over at the park.

Had we stayed longer, we could have tried Hakodate Onuma Beef which is popular at the place. The waterfront restaurants and hotels that line Lake Onuma serve up steaks and beef stews using this locally produced beef.

This is the second part of my anniversary travel blog. Can’t wait to share our next stop on this 10-day Japan journey!♥


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