South Sand Bar

It is the last stretch of the summer season in the Philippines and if you are still planning with your family and friends for a beach trip then this blog might be of help. Since it is summer, birthday or anniversary celebrations can also be celebrated in a day beach trip or island hopping (like we did!). We had our summer outing/Pre Birthday/Post Birthday & Anniversary celebration in one day (April 8, 2018).

Cebu is blessed with beautiful islands and one of them is South Sand Bar. This island is accessible from Cordova Roro Port. Going to the island is about 2 hours boat ride. We booked a boat ahead via Everyday Summer – Island Hopping and Tours.

We were welcomed by Mark Ramirez at the port who graciously lead the way to our boat. Tip #1: Start your trip early to get a parking spot near the port. 🙂

So our journey began, during the 2 hour boat ride we were busy catching up on each other since most of us rarely see each other.

Tip #2, Start drinking, eating lunch or do board games onboard the boat. You can also start to re-apply sunblock on your body and face.

Photo Credit: Stuart Violanda

We finally saw the sand bar from afar!

South Sand Bar crew.

When we arrived at the sand bar, the water was at knee level and the waves were huge. Nevertheless, it was so much fun with the crew.

April 8, 2018 with good friends!

Tip #3: Choose your friends with the same wave length as you. Anything is fun with the right company! Despite the huge waves that gave us a hard time to go to the sand bar, we manage to enjoy it. The water was so inviting and we spent a few minutes to swim. Choose friends who makes everything fun beyond any diversity. 🙂

South Sand Bar(May 5, 2018 during my second visit)

All of us went there for the first time and we were a little bit disappointed but partly our fault since we took off late. Comparing it to North Sand Bar last year, i should say that it did not meet our expectations.

But guess what? The boat men took us to another island! Up next in my next blog. ♥

So long South Sand Bar!

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