Mystical Noboribetsu

It was such an amazing snow experience in Sapporo which happened while we are going to Sapporo TV Tower.

happy(nga nga) look for my first snow experience LOL

Located below Sapporo TV Tower is the office where Meito no Yado Park Hotel Miyabitei staff will wait for their guests starting at 12:45 PM. They have hotel transfer service for a fee of 500 yen per person. The bus departs to hotel at exactly 1:15 PM.

Sapporo TV Tower

If you are wondering where we are going, we are going to Noboribetsu. It is a city in Iburi Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. Part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, it is southwest of Sapporo, west of Tomakomai and northeast of Hakodate. It is Hokkaido’s most famous hot spring resort with 11 kinds of thermal waters.  The resort town consists of numerous (mostly large sized) ryokan and hotels with hot spring baths. Several of them open their baths during daytime to non-staying guests for typically 700 to 2000 yen. In addition, there is one public bath house (Sagiriyu Public Bath) located in the center of town. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes from Sapporo to Noboribetsu via the hotel bus. It was a fast yet a very smooth ride.

Situated in a secluded area, Meito no yado Park Hotel Miyabitei is one of the few hotels in Noboribetsu built on top of a hot spring source. Guests can enjoy the high quality water that flows into the baths at the hotel.

Check in was a breeze. The hotel staff were all helpful and friendly. They have a very spacious hotel lobby. At the left side is a big hotel shop with a lot of items to check out.

Oni & Enma welcomed us at the hotel lobby. They  are the guardians and protectors of Noboribetsu and you could say it is their official mascots. Dotted around the city and in souvenir shops you’ll find all sorts of demon related paraphernalia. These large cute statues are also the first thing you’ll see as you enter Noboribetsu.

The room we chose was the Japanese style room or Ryokan. This was my second time to stay in a ryokan, the first time was at Hakone.

The room was spacious and has a relaxing mountain view. We did not waste time, after we settled in our room, we immediately went out to explore the place.

Just a few meters walk from our hotel is the Geyser at Sengen Park. Sengen Park features a geyser that erupts from beside the hot spring water stream flowing from Hell Valley
Visitors can experience the eruption of the geyser at intervals of approximately three hours. There is the sound of pressure building, followed by the eruption of the geyser, which is accompanied by a cloud of steam. Everywhere in Noboribetsu smells sulfur which came from Hell’s Valley.

Geyser at Sengen Park. The stairs below will lead you the Geyser.


We walked further to see the famous Noboribetsu landmark.

It is very easy to tour around the town since there are road signs and maps everywhere. Walking further, we reached Jogokudani Valley.

Jigokudani or “Hell Valley” is a spectacular, appropriately named valley just above the town of Noboribetsu Onsen, which displays hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity. It is a main source of Noboribetsu’s hot spring waters. The barren land and the smoke that comes out of the valley mimic that of a hell so it is aptly called as Hell Valley. It  is a 24-acre smoking crater of geothermal activity, created by a volcanic eruption some 20,000 years ago.

The place is breathtaking!

The weather that time was very windy and chilly. It was the coldest weather so far. I can take the cold weather but when there are strong winds that is the time that i cannot handle it. We did not go further into the vast place, the chill took the toll on us. Had we went further, we could have gone to Oyunuma, a sulfurous pond with a surface temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and a smaller, even hotter, mud pond nearby.

trying to absorb the very cold weather

Located at the entrance of Hell’s Valley.

We walked back to our hotel to prepare for our buffet dinner. Reviews from the guests of Meito no yado Park Hotel Miyabitei states that they have the best buffet spread for breakfast and dinner and we are looking forward to have a taste of it.

Each rooms were provided with a traditional Japanese Yukata and they provided 3 sizes for each person to choose from. Dinner buffet is open from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Most of the guests roam around the hotel wearing the yukata and dine as well. So we opted to embrace the Japanese culture and dined in our yukata’s.

The dinner buffet spread was mouth-watering with unlimited supply of snow crabs! A complete selection of Japanese, Chinese and some Western food.

Salmon, Tuna and more variety of fish on this table.


There is a drink station for flowing coffee, Japanese tea, water and juice.

After our sumptuous dinner, we wasted no time and head straight to the Onsen bath. Guests can enjoy a variety of hot spring baths here, such as the Jigoku “hell” bath which is fed directly from the valley below called Jigokudani “hell valley.” Other people take day trip to Noboribetsu just to try their hot spring which is known to be the best in Japan.

I am getting to be a big fan of Onsen baths. It has been said to be very therapeutic to various diseases but what i love most about it is that it destresses me and it relaxes my sore legs and body almost instantly.

Went up to our room feeling reenergized. Ended the night with a cup of green tea that is provided in our tradiotional ryokan room.

complimentary Japanese treats


The best way to wake up is to wake up with snow fall and yes, that happened to us in Noboribetsu!

Breakfast buffet starts at 7:00 am up to 9:00 am daily. Went down to the 2nd floor where the restaurant is located.

We sat by the window to have the magical view of the mountains and the continuous snow fall. Enjoyed our breakfast as much as we enjoyed dinner the other night.

Our tummies are so full and we had the most memorable Noboribetsu adventure. Checked out and what is nice about the hotel is that the bus station is just across the main lobby. It was a short bus ride going to the train station. We are ready for our next destination!♥






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