Kawa Hot Bath

Kawa Hot Baths are becoming very popular now as one of the come-ons of the resorts, and in Samal Island, there is one resort that is offering this attraction. Samal, officially the Island Garden City of Samal, or sometimes called IGaCOS, is a 4th class city in the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines. From Sasa Port, it is a quick 10 minute ferry ride, you can choose either you bring a private vehicle or leave your vehicle at the port. We paid Php200.00 fare including our vehicle and 3 persons.

Going inside the ferry for a 10 minute ride from Sasa Port to Samal Island Port.

Samal Mango Haven is very easy to find, upon reaching Samal Port turn left and go straight to Brgy. Camudmud, you will see a big signage at the left side of the road. There are ample parking spaces and take note that it is not cemented.

Upon arrival, we went straight to the front desk for check in. We already made advance payment at their Davao office.

Front desk with my sister.

We were given our welcome drinks which is of course Mango Juice.


me, my niece and sister


Welcome drink.

Luckily, our accommodation which was the Mango Hut has a parking space in front so if we need anything from the car, it is very much accessible.

Mango Hut.

We settled in our room. The room was air conditioned with a twin bed and we have our own open cabana which has a sofa bed that can accommodate for two more persons.

Open Cabana

Our restroom was across our room. All restrooms are outdoor as to any accommodation. We also have our own outdoor twin bath tubs and our own dining area just near where the bath tub is located.

Generally, i am happy with our Mango Hut accommodation. It is very cozy and unique to the resorts that i visited. The whole place is a mango plantation, so expect a lot of mango trees in the area and expect a lot of mango decors which makes the place really cute and instagramable.


Our original Kawa Hot bath schedule was 4 pm but there were walk-in guests we accommodated although their policy is to prioritize in-house guests but we were feeling very friendly that time. We opted to walk around the property. They have tree houses that can be used for a romantic dinner set up.

awesome view at Samal Mango Haven.

They also have a swimming pool. They have a camping site as well for those who wanted to have a different adventure. Everywhere here is picturesque. From the entrance down to the every corner of this place are quotes and signages of love, positivity and good life. It brings a good vibes and festive mood to the place.




My sister had her share of 30 minutes Kawa Hot Bath around 5 in the afternoon. Walk in guests pay Php 299.00 per 30 minutes and it can be shared with another person so let’s say each of you get to have 15 minutes each inside the kawa. We had fun taking her photos as it was a day before her actual birthday. They don’t mind if you bring your own cake and other food. We bought our own stash of chip, brownies and chocolates.

my sister June enjoying her Hot Kawa Bath


Health benefits of the Kawa Hot Bath.

My niece and i scheduled our kawa hot bath the next day at 8 in the morning.

Our package includes a romantic dinner which they set up at our own dining area. They also set up our outdoor bath tub ready to be used.

romantic dinner at our Mango Hut accommodation

The portion of the dinner was just enough and we decided to order more food. They also bought us a bottle of complimentary sparkling wine.


bath tub relaxation


Outdoor Bath Tub


The night was very relaxing as we took turns enjoying the outdoor tub and bonded over the sparkling wine. They provided coffee as well in our room. We slept soundly that night.

The next day, we woke up at around 7 in the morning to prepare for our breakfast. I usually enjoy a cup of coffee before having a heavy breakfast and the perfect place to have it is either at our open cabana or at the tree house.


enjoying my cup of joe with an awesome view of Samal Island

We were then ready for breakfast.




We took our breakfast at their restaurant with an awesome view of the ocean. The breakfast is also part of our package. They celebrated their anniversary with a promo rate of Php 2,500.00 which includes welcome drinks (mango juice of course!), romantic dinner, breakfast and use of kawa hot bath(for one person). We paid for two extra persons for the kawa hot bath and Php 350.00 for the third person to avail the dinner and breakfast.


We were a bit delayed for the use of our Kawa Hot Bath since they got the schedule confused with some other guests that almost ruined our day. So while we waited for our turn, we took the time to enjoy the pool which is all for ourselves.



We chose the Kawa situated at the top most level. They have 5 Kawa’s. Pouring in of water and taking out of water is done manually with the use of a pail. It usually takes around 20-30 minutes to prepare the kawa with fire, pour in essential oils, flowers and mango leaves which was proven to have beneficial effects to the body.

Kawa Hot Bath


They have open cabanas as waiting area. Here we are excited to try the Kawa Hot Bath.

These are the 3 Kawa’s right across the Spa area.


Dipping inside the Kawa will start from low heat and it gets hotter each minute but very bearable. It was very relaxing plus the ambience with all the surrounding trees makes the experience even nicer. I was told not to hold the part where there is direct fire below. After 30 minutes, we went out of the kawa feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.




There is a massage area with 4 therapists readily available to serve the guests for only Php 399 per hour. The spa area is just next to the Kawa Hot Baths.

spa area adjacent to the kawa hot bath

The gracious manager then approached us that they prepared complimentary lunch for us to make up for the mishap of the Kawa schedule, of which we are very grateful. It was not only a simple lunch but a feast to celebrate my sister’s birthday.



Here are a few tips if you wish to go there:

1.) Bring insect repellant since the place is a mango plantation there are insects everywhere.

2.) Bring extra towels and blankets.

3.) Get ready for your poses as you can have so many instagram/facebook worthy corners.

Here are some guidelines while inside the resort.

Courtesy from the facebook page of Samal Mango Haven.


If you are near Davao and Samal Island or planning a trip to Samal Island, make sure to have Samal Mango Haven part of your itinerary.

P.S. There is also a Japanese Tunnel witihin the resort with a fee of Php 50.00 per head.


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