Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya was the second kingdom of the Siamese Kingdom and was found in 1350. It has been written that Ayutthaya has both been one of the glorious capitals and also one of the most devastated Thai city.

At the center of Ayutthaya City is Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most visited site in the area. It is like a mini-Cambodia with all the temples.
There are 6 ways to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok: Train, Bus, Night Train, Taxi , Car or Shuttle. In our case, we booked a tour to Ayutthaya. Pick up time was 6:00-7:00 AM at our hotel and it was an hour ride to the Historic City.
We had an English speaking tour guide who patiently share the history of each temples. She shares the history right before giving us time (1 hour to 1.5 hours) to see the temples.
Here are the temples that we explored:
Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon.
The first temple that we explored and i can’t help but be in awe of this beautiful temple. Looking around the temple, the place really explains why Ayutthaya is a UNESCO Heritage Site.
The home of the 42 meter reclining Buddha.
This immaculate white temple is such a sight to behold but since we went there before lunch it was a bit tiring going up. I actually just up until the middle then decided to go down.
This temple is renowned for the Buddha head in the tree roots and one of the most famous if not the famous temples in Ayutthaya. If you search for Ayutthaya in Google, this picture will definitely pop out in the search engine. Don’t be fooled by this photo as i found a hard time to get a decent shot at this place. I have to crop people beside me to achieve this photo.
This is the holiest temple located on the site of the Old Royal Palace of Ayutthaya.
Thai lunch was served as part of the tour. Food was not that good and you have to pay for the soda and water.
This dessert is famous along the market that we passed by going to the WAT PHRA SRI SANPHET. It costs 10 Baht and i ate 3 of these, it is really delicious.
We ended the tour at around 3:00 PM and we were dropped off at Khao San Road at around 4:00 PM.
A day in Ayutthaya for me is enough not to be templed out. Usually the first temple that you will visit will give you oohhss and aahhss reactions and the next one will just be okay but here in Ayutthaya, the temples offered different and highlights and i am super glad that i did this tour.
I am always guilty of not listening to the tour guide and will just go on with my picture taking sessions but i always believe that photos gives us a story of about the place and when i look at my Ayutthaya photos i can’t help but still gush over the beauty and rich history of the city.
A must visit when in Thailand!♥

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