Food Trip and Cosmetics Shopping in Ueno and Chiba

The last stretch of our 10-day Japan trip began when we rode the shinkansen from Sendai to Ueno. It is an hour and 58 minutes train ride going to Ueno station where we met my cousin Heart. She welcomed me with a Cherry Blossom bouquet at the station.

This blog focused on my food trip and make up shopping in Ueno and Chiba. So this is for all beautyholics who wants to check out my newly discovered Japanese beauty products.

Cherry Blossoms are sold at the flower shops for 900 yen per branch. Note that Cherry Blossoms at the park is strictly not for picking or touching.

Our welcome dinner courtesy of my cuz is at Toraji at Ueno Plaza U-ten. It is a building full of different kinds of restaurants. Toraji is located at the 5th floor. What i like most about having family and friends in a city that i will visit is that you get to eat where the locals eat and it is mostly the best restaurants.

Toraji, Ueno

This is by far the best yakiniku i have ever tasted in my life! Their beef just totally melts in your mouth. Their lobster soup is also very delicious.

Crashed at the beautiful “mansion” of my cousin at Asakusa. Mansion is the term they use for what we call condominiums in the Philippines. I Rested well to be able to have the energy for the planned make up shopping and food trip the next day.

Woke up with the beautiful view of Tokyo Tower while having my cup of Tully’s coffee.

After the morning chitchat, we strolled along Asakusa and though we did not initially plan to eat but we saw an Ippudo branch with no queue.

When you are with a cuz who knows how to speak Japanese, everything is so easy. From asking water to ordering food in the menu, asking the best sellers and must try food and to asking for a photograph!

Ippudo, Asakusa

As always, Ippudo never fails to satisfy my tummy. It is one of my favorite ramen shops in Japan. As they say, there is always room for dessert so while at the Asakusa Station going to our next stop, Godiva shop caught my eyes and the next thing i knew, i already ordered a drink.

Godiva goodness!

We headed to Odakyu Department Store. It is a massive complex at the western side of JR Shinjuku Station. My main purpose of going here is to hoard Naturactor products. Located at the 8th floor of the Odakyu Department Store is their stall. Just ask from the sales clerks of the exact location as they are very helpful. Cosmetics is actually at the 2nd floor (which the Tax Refund counter is also located) and only Naturactor is at the 8th floor.

Currently using this and i should say that this is one of the beauty products that i did not have any skin reaction on the first few days of use.

I hoard more of this color(552) because this is one of the best skin-toned shade i ever tried. This is one of my anniversary giveaways too.

Moving to the 2nd floor to get our Tax Refund, we roamed around the cosmetics counter and here are some of my beauty finds.

It is my first time to try RMK products and i am impressed with their Eye Cream and Nail and Hand Cream. Their eye cream comes with a special mini-spoon which you will use to gently massage your under eye area. I suggest you have it placed inside the ref to keep it cold before using. Their hand and nail cream is very rich in texture. You can instantly feel the softness and relief from dryness. It was cold during our stay there and i applied my hand lotion (Q10) frequently but with RMK since it is cream-based, i usually just apply thrice on that day.

From Odakyu, we searched all the Mitsukoshi branches found around the area. Mitsukoshi is Japan’s oldest surviving department store chain dating back to 1673. Here are the beauty finds i got from Mitsukoshi.

There are Shiseido products sold here at a cheaper price. Mostly liners and eyebrow curler lining refill

K Palette products can be shopped here too!

Kate is a local Japanese brand. The Base Zero Kate is such a good find. I regret buying only one as this can replace my mac and chanel liquid foundation and this one is waaaay cheaper.

7-11 in Japan is a big brand. Ranging from food, chocolates and drinks they have their own line and cosmetics as well!

Sekkisui products are only sold at 7-11 stores. It is developed jointly by Seven&i and Kose. The most popular and best selling product is their White Washing Cream and it is truly one of the best. Leaving your skin bright and refreshed. What is notable on this brand is that they use both chinese and japanese herbal plants.

After a day of too much walking and shopping, we took our dinner at Ma. It is an eat all you can shabu-shabu. I personally do not like shabu shabu but this dining experience changed that. Not only that they have the best beef strips and freshest vegetables, they also have the most delicious sauces and condiments. They have two different kinds of soup base and the service was fast and impressive. The ambience was also noticeably clean and quiet. It was the best shabu-shabu dining experience!





Japanese dessert with lots of mochi, matcha ice cream and Japanese wafer.

After another sumptuous dinner, we drove to the Aqua Line. It is a 4-lane highway connecting Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture with Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture. The highway takes you straight to the entrance of the Aqua Line Tunnel. A sign in front of the tunnel informs that the tunnel is exactly 9,610 meters long, which makes it one of the longest undersea tunnels in the world.

When you reach daylight again at the end of the tunnel, you drive onto a small artificial island called Umihotaru (which translates as “Sea Firefly”). It has a five-story building, the Umihotaru rest stop. It is shaped in the form of a ship, the lower three stories of the Umihotaru rest stop are parking areas while the two upper floors house a variety of restaurants, souvenir shops and viewing platforms.

The place was so huge. I think that the place is nicer to visit on daytime and so i made a mental note on my mind to visit again on my next Japan trip. The night view was also beautiful. We explored the place and visited the shops and restaurants.

3D Booth at Tokyo Aqua Line.

This is the sunrise viewing deck where there are lined chairs and tables available for you to enjoy the view. Behind me is a glass wall where you can witness the sunrise. This is our idea of night cap. Coffee and good conversations.

We drove back to the city where we spent the night at Washington Hotel in Chiba. It is another chain Business Hotel in Japan. It is approximately 5-10 minutes walk from the train station so when in Chiba, i think this is one of the wisest hotel of choice.

Woke up early the next day and enjoyed coffee in bed for our last day in Japan. It was by far the best trip of my life. Enjoyed two seasons in 10 days. Ticked 3 items off my bucket list: Snow, Ski and Spring.

Thank you for reading my adventures for the past year. I hope that you find travel inspirations in my journey. Thank you to all my virtual friends who sent me comments, queries, warm messages and recommendations for a year! Looking forward to another year of adventure.

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” ~ Matthew Karsten


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