Discover Canigao Island in Leyte

Having many friends from different places has its perks and one of them is that you get to visit many places too. A good friend of mine is from Maasin, Southern Leyte and we usually talk about her hometown. So one summer, me and some of our friends invaded Leyte. One of the highlights of going to Leyte is to visit Canigao Island which is a small elliptical islet in the Philippines located near the Municipality of Matalom in Leyte. This island is known for its abundant fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas suitable for snorkeling and diving.

Our adventure started when we rode a vessel from  Cebu going to Bato, Leyte via Medallion Shipping Lines. The vessel departed at 8:30 PM and we arrived at Bato, Leyte around 2:00 AM. From Bato Port we traveled thru a private vehicle for around an hour to reach Maasin which is the capital of Southern Leyte. It is a fourth class city with 70 barangays and located at the Western part of the province.

Since we arrived very early, we opted to get a room within the city to freshen up and get a few hours of sleep before heading to Canigao Island.

It was gloomy and windy when we went there. The jump off point was the port to Canigao where you have to negotiate for an outrigger to take you to the island. It is a 15-20 minute ride going there. You can have the option to join other groups in one banca if you are traveling alone or if you travel in a small group to lessen expenses.






Arrived to the sight of a beautiful islet with a creamy white sand.


Some people opted to rent tables because it is much cheaper but we rented a cottage so that we can be able to rest and have shade for random rainfall.

We were able to buy fresh fish nearby for lunch and have our boat man grilled it for us.


Our sumptuous lunch!

With our gracious host and a good friend, Fa Roa.

With our gracious host and a good friend, Fa Roa.




Relaxing over a bottle of wine after a sumptuous lunch.


During our visit there were not many people because of the gloomy weather so it is a perfect place to practice Poi or even do meditation or yoga.






Back side of the island.





You also have the option to stay overnight. You may rent tents for Php 300.00. It was a very nice trip despite the gloomy weather. We were able to enjoy the island. There are designated areas for fishing, snorkeling and diving. Just ask for assistance from the island administrator.  The island is well-maintained and the restrooms were very clean. In fact there were no trash found anywhere. Kudos to the island administrators!

We did not stay overnight as we were going back to Cebu on the same night. We took the !0 PM boat trip via Cokaliong Shipping from Maasin. Arrived in Cebu after 7 hours exhausted but filled with happy memories.

What made each of my trip memorable aside from the beautiful places that i visited is the company of good friends. The memories shared with them will last a lifetime and i am always thankful that i am blessed with wonderful friends who has the same passion as mine which is traveling. It was a indeed an exciting trip, thank you to the Canigao Crew: Fa, Bhogs, Mario and JT!

I am looking forward to visit and explore more islands in Leyte soon!

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