Capsule Hotel Experience in Japan

I took on another Japan adventure last month and one of my agenda is to try staying in a capsule hotel. Capsule hotel is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels. The first capsule hotel in Japan opened in 1979 and located in Umeda district of Osaka.

Capsule Hotels usually accommodate only single person per capsule but the Capsule Hotel we chose has a couple capsule and conveniently located a minute away from Kiba Station on the Tozai Line.

Tokyo Kiba Capsule Hotel

Tokyo Kiba Capsule Hotel

Aside from that it is also a few steps away from the Fukagawa Gatharia Shopping Centre. It is a big complex that includes shopping zone, offices, movie theater, restaurants, sports club, coffee shops and a park.

Fukagawa Gatharia Shopping Centre

Fukagawa Gatharia Shopping Centre



park at Fukagawa Gatharia

On our first night, we booked at Tokyo Kiba Capsule Hotel. It can be easily located. You need to take a few steps going up to the front desk of the hotel. They cater both Hotel rooms and capsule rooms. We booked the latter since i really wanted to try sleeping in a capsule hotel.

small yet very clean lobby

The front desk officer explained clearly the facilities of the hotel and instructions were also in English so it was not really a problem. Let’s have a vitual tour of Tokyo Kiba Capsule Hotel.


each elevator has this signage


Locker room.

Locker room.

Each person has a designated locker. Inside the locker are the towels and comfy sleep wear. This is also meant for valuables storage if you opt not to bring it inside the capsule. Take note that no luggage or trolleys are allowed inside the capsule. Only hand carry bags.

Before hitting dreamland, we of course took a trip to the shower rooms. Shower rooms and toilets are all gender-sensitive.


Upon entering the shower room, we were welcomed with this beautiful sight. Everything you need is right here in front of you. From hair blowers, body lotion, body wash, facial wash, facial tissue, toothbrush, hair spray, cotton buds, cotton and they are shiseido’s!

There are also vault available for your valuables while you are showering or using the toilet.

Toilets are very clean and properly sanitized. Generally, each corner of this place is squeaky clean!


there are also chair massage and washing machine free of charge



shower room

At the shower rooms, whether for men or women, they require you to take off all your clothes before you take a shower.

After a relaxing shower, we went up to our couple capsules. This is how it looks like.


It has ample space for two.

Ready to sleep, but first selfie! hahaha

Each capsule has a power supply for recharging of gadgets and has it’s own alarm and radio inside. The air condition system is centralized. Tokyo weather that time was really cold so i believe that air condition will never be an an issue. The capsules are also sound proof, so snorers need not worry.


I had a good night sleep at the capsule. It was another bucket list ticked out! In my opinion, any Japan vacation is not complete without this. And so on my third Japan visit, i made sure to experience this and I am super glad that my friends gamely consented with this.

If you are looking for an adventure in Japan and you wouldn’t mind showering naked with other people at 5,500 yen per couple capsule, then this is for you. But if you are used to staying in a luxurious hotel where everything is being given or served to you, then this is NOT for you. This is a backpackers heaven!

Here are tips for those who wanted to try capsule hotels in Japan (who never tried to do backpacking or first timer capsule hotel dwellers) :

1.) Need not bring toiletries since they are generously provided, literally everything you need before, during and after shower.

2.) Need not bring sleep wear and towels too. They provide clean and sanitized towels and sleep wear.

3.) Need not bring drinking water as they are provided in the hotel lobby and even inside the make up room and shower room.

4.) If you are planning to try capsule hotel, make sure to pack your clothes in a manner that will be easy for you to get from your luggage and bring it either on the shower room or to the locker room.

5.) Wake up early and hit the shower first. Most of the guests wake up late.

6.) As always, bring along your adventurous spirit and enjoy the experience.

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