Ball Pit Manila-Adult Playground

Ball Pit Manila is the first and the biggest adult ball pit in the Philippines with 80,000 balls for you to dive in! It was an awesome Sunday spent with good friends. We had a difficulty in finding the place because there was no signage anywhere near the place. It is actually located at the building beside Red Planet Amorsolo, just before you arrive at Red Planet, you take a left turn to go inside their parking lot which is at the back of the building. You need to walk again at the building entrance and go up to the 2nd floor, turn right and go to Unit 202.13647068_471650883031293_672952276_o

We paid for Php 299.00 per head for an hour use of the pit plus a round of coffee or iced tea. We arrived earlier than our schedule which is 4:00 to 5:00 PM so the staff asked us if we want to grab the 3:30-4:30 PM slot and we are so glad we did because at around 4:30 PM a lot of people are rushing inside the pit already. So if you want a picture with less or zero photobombers, schedule it earlier.

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The reception, cashier and locker in one area.

Upon entering the place, you need to register and pay at the counter. Take off your shoes and put it inside the cabinet and wear socks. For beautiful effects in the photos, i suggest you bring colorful, fun or neon-ish socks!





An hour playing at the pit was such a delight and tiring as well. It was a different experience and something that i recommend to my friends and readers who are young at heart and who would want to do something new on their free time. You may also play along with your kids too, it is a very nice bonding!




hello photobomber! hahahaha


FandV 🙂



There are onesies available for rent at Php 400.00 or you may opt to bring your own onesies too and wear them while playing inside the pit. You and your friends may chill at the designated corner and play cards. They have cards for you and your group to borrow. You may also have coffee or iced tea paired with their yummy pastries while waiting for your friends, children or nieces and nephews if you are not going to try playing inside the ball pit. They have an ongoing promo of buy 3 pastries and you get to have unlimited coffee or iced tea.


Ball Pit Manila Crew 🙂

One of the best cookie glass i ever tried!

One of the best cookie glass i ever tried!

Truly a must-try activity when you are in Manila for children and adults alike!



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