Mountain Resort Private Pool Party at Chateau Blanc

There’s a beautiful and relaxing private house / mountain resort that my barkada (we call our group Lynques) discovered. They called it Alto Cielo Chateau Blanc and later just Chateau Blanc. We booked on November last year to celebrate the birthday of the October&November-belles. We had a hard time booking the place since most of the weekends, until December that time, is fully booked. Luck was on our side, we were able to secure a weekend there.

Check in time was 2 P.M so we took lunch first before we head to Chateau Blanc. This is located in barangay Pamutan, a remote area which is still part of Cebu City.  There are 2 ways to reach this mountain resort.  We passed the road at the back of Guadalupe Church via barangay Sapangdaku. When we arrived barangay Pamutan we asked directions for Chateau Blanc.  The other way is thru barangay Buhisan where u pass by Buhisan Dam until you reach barangay Pamutan.

Directions going to Chateau Blanc.

Arrived at the place around 2 P.M. and we were welcomed by the house staff who helped us carry our things and immediately settled at the house.

 Here is a tour of this beautiful haven.

It is a two storey house. The living room and dining room are both located at the ground floor.

There is one bathroom at the ground floor (the small door at the back) so you don’t have to go upstairs if you need to visit the restroom while swimming or just chilling at the ground floor.

the dining room where the water and coffee station is located

Receiving area at the second floor.

Two rooms at the right side and three rooms at the left side.

My room with city view at the left window and mountain view in front of me. So lovely!

Outside the house, they have a mini playground so if you have kids with you, they will have something to do.

Group activity like camp fire is also an option here!

at the left side of the property is the city view

Parking space for at least 6 cars is located upon entering the property.

bruhas in action!

perfect sunset captured at my room

the designated pool bartender

Margarita, sunset and company of great friends is a perfect sundown chill.

Cheers to a perfect sunset!

The birthday bruhas (missing Knaurmz)

Our nightcap is greeting the birthday girls, sharing coffee and cake plus more catch-up stories and reminiscing our 26 years of friendship.

beautiful sunrise at this side of the world

waiting for our breakfast to be served



Lynques minus Knaurmz

Main door of Chateau Blanc

I highly recommend this place for those who are looking for a new place to bond with family and friends. The house is very spacious, clean and cozy. Note that there are no aircon in the rooms but it is alright because the place is cold even in the afternoon.

Here are a few tips that i’d like to share for those interested in renting out the place:

  1. Need not bring utensils if you already availed of the Php800 additional fee because they have a lot of cooking and eating utensils that they can let you borrow. The fee includes water, use of the kitchen (including gas stove, microwave and refrigerator) and the utensils. Kitchen is situated below the house, the entrance to the kitchen is near the parking area. The rooms of the house staff is also there.
  2. Bring lots of food and drinks (water is for free) because the place is far from the city.
  3. Take the Buhisan Road especially for those having sedan cars since the Guadalupe route is quite challenging because some parts of the road is not yet cemented.
  4. We shared our food with the house staff. Their staff is very efficient and helpful.
  5. We bought plenty of ice at the city and also brought our own ice chest that we were able to use at our pool side drinking session.
  6. There is a grilling station too should you wish to grill seafood, pork, steak etc.
  7. Bring your own sound system and music, there’s no readily available music at the house.
  8. No TV as well so i suggest you bring playing cards, board games or camp fire stuff to keep you busy at the house.
  9. Treat the house as your own, so be very careful as there are a lot of paintings, vases and decors at the house. Supervise the children if there are children in your group.
  10. We have our own helper to cook our food and wash dishes but the staff helped in the cooking and some washing of plates for us too.
  11. This place is perfect for team building and/orpool party, since it is private, there is no cutoff time as to the use of the pool!
  12. As always, during outings and vacations, leave the worries at home and bring along good vibes, fun and positivity!

For more info or queries about this beautiful place, please call 09778496002.

30 thoughts on “Mountain Resort Private Pool Party at Chateau Blanc

  1. ES DIAMA.


    Madame Hnnae,

    this similar to my query in my fb account regarding the mountain resort private pool at chateau, if we can get a discount for 30 persons and also if there is a reservation fee ?, this is schedeuled on Dec 09, 2017 saturday afternoon till 10th afternoon. thanks., ESD.

  2. Edgar Segovia Diama

    Hi madame ,

    Again i just ask, kai nag ask ako mga colleagues if kong pila ang [rice sa inyo private rooms?., and pila ka rooms units inyo private og function rooms?

    1. Edgar Segovia Diama

      We tried to book in your office but you guys said someone already book on that date that is why we move to 2nd options venue., we inform you for our next gathering. thanks

      1. hannae Post author

        Hi Sir. It is not mine po. I was blogging po about it but reservations is done with the owner which i believe i posted in my blog. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Jealou Moria

    Hi madame,

    Ako concern ba risky ba ang dalan paingon ddto? Nkabas mn gd qg a nit scary daw ang dalan? Naa d i mga cliff or something? And pila ka minutes ang byahe gkan sa guadalupe church?

    1. hannae Post author

      If Guadalupe church mo muagi bring big cars kay dili maau ang road but there is also a road sa labangon muagi but mas taas ni nga route like 30-40 minutes. If sa guada mga 25 mins lang.

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