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I have been planning for quite some time now to attend any class on my spare time and learn new things and skills. As they say, you are never too old to start a new hobby or to learn a new skill. With my good friend, Reece, we inquired about the classes offered at DMDP (Department of Manpower Development and Placement. They can actually hire you after you are certified should there be job openings here and abroad. They are situated on the second floor at Ramos Public Market. We learned that they have one day class on Flower Arrangement and one day class on Soap and Candle Making. We filled out the necessary forms and submitted it to the person in charge. They told us to be there before 8am and bring Php 300.00 for the materials that will be used in the class.

I was so excited to attend the class. Unfortunately, i arrived past 8am.  When i arrived at the office, the friendly staff told us that my classmates and the teacher already went to Carbon Area to buy the flowers and necessary things needed in the class. I was almost ready to give up but then the staff gave me the number of my classmate and she told me to talk to the teacher and request if they can buy more flowers and materials for 2 more students ( Reece was also late) and i am super glad they did!

They arrived from Carbon around 9am and started our classes at around 9:30am. There was a brief introduction from our teacher and then we get down to business.

Out first flower arrangement can be used for table centerpiece for birthday, wedding or any parties.

Our second flower arrangement is for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day celebration. I can imagine my mama beaming with joy if she will receive this. This made me want to create this on Mother’s Day!

The third arrangement we made was Ikebana or Heaven Man Earth. I remembered learning this during my Grade School days.

Scallop flower arrangement for table centerpiece.

This is similar to the scallop we made but they used a nice vase and different flowers. This is the at the lobby of Radisson Blu Hotel.

It was a day of learning, meeting new friends and fun on the side with my classmates. Some were Art teacher,  housewives, workers at St. Peter Funeral who wish to apply at hotels but they need certificate, some are planning to work abroad and some are like us who want to learn a new skill or hobby.

Meet our awesome teacher!


Here are a few tips i’d like to share:

  1. Be on time! I missed the opportunity of haggling and choosing flowers, greens and the materials. It could have been fun.
  2. Bring your own scissors, cutter, scotchtape and stapler.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes as the place is a little humid but really who cares when you are having fun.
  4. When it is your time to make your own arrangement, you may opt to choose your own flowers and greens according to your imagination.
  5. Be creative and adventurous in your creation.
  6. Bring along good vibes, positivity and your enthusiasm to learn.


We brought home our creation and got our Certificate of Completion.

Learning need not be expensive.

What will you do next Friday?

Call DMDP at (032)253 9212 or (032) 254 4348 and look for Ms. Marlyn or contact me for any queries about this blog.

Rosalinda! 🌹🌷🌿🌱🍀☘🌼🌸

13 thoughts on “Flower Arrangement Class

  1. Via Manansala

    Hi. Ms. Hannae, glad to come across your blogspot. Waiting for more exciting posts that you can share with us in the future.

    Your Big Fan, Via

  2. Darling

    Good job sister!!! Indeed, we are never too old to start something better or new in our lives…

  3. dollie

    very nice arrangement Ng. been wanting to enroll in this kind of class after my maternity leave. so proud of u. i’ve read ur blogs and it inspired me to start fulfilling my own bucket list.

    1. hannae Post author

      hi nG!!! thank you for the kind words. will be blogging more summer classes soon that might be of your interest. keep visiting my blogsite. kisses!!!

  4. Angeline Cuyos

    Hello! I came across your article while searching for a flower arrangement workshop in Cebu. Do you think this is still available as of this time? Can you also recommend other arts & crafts workshops/courses?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. hannae Post author

      Hi! Yes i think so. Just go to their office 8am-5pm and inquire about it. You can follow @marrylcrafts at instagram for workshops. 🙂

  5. Maria Theresa Macsabejon-Alcuiza

    Good Day Maam , I’ve been looking for a flower arrangement workshop nearby mindanao. I already inquire DMDP, apparently they are only training people of cebu as a livelihood program of their municipality. By any chance, can you conduct a training? or do you know other workshops? please let me know. I’m a mother of three & currently working and wanted to have other income or to have business so i can also have more time to take care of my kids . Hoping for your response. Thank you.

    1. hannae Post author

      Hi! I wish i can echo what i learned from DMDP. You may want to check out TESDA in your area, they give seminars too for free. If you happen to come to Cebu let me know.


    Hi goodafternoon, meron po ba sa TESDA na flower arrangement? Course? Dito sa manila? Thankyou 🙂

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