Sue and Jane

Last week i had the chance to visit Cagayan de Oro again and i am so glad to share that Sue and Jane has finally opened last July 8, 2017.

It is a joint venture of two of my good friends and highly respected doctors. Around 9 years ago, i first tasted the chocolate cake made with love by Dra. Sue Celle and it was seriously delicious. She only use fine ingredients and do not “commercialize” her cakes meaning she is generous in her ingredients. She started taking orders from friends and through word of mouth, her orders increased tremendously. Eventually opened a cafe. She ventured together with her friend Dra. Vilma Jane and that is where Sue and Jane came from.

It is located beside Liceo de Cagayan University along Rodolfo N. Pelaez Blvd. You will never miss it because it has a very attractive orange and brown signage .

Sue and Jane

Door at the right side will lead you to the wide dining area.

Dining Area


There is an adjoining door that will lead you to the left part of the cafe where the counter is located and more seats are available for dining customers.

Counter where you can choose from the pastries displayed and order. They also have all day breakfast menu as well as pasta and sandwiches. They have courteous and well-trained staff to attend to your needs.

Yummy selection of pastries.

Here are a few of my favorites at Sue and Jane:

Valhrona Chocolate Cake one of my favorites because i am a self-confessed chocolate cake lover.

Chocolate Chip cookie with the right amount of sweetness. It is in between soft and a little crumbly. Just perfect for cookie lovers.

The best-seller cupcake is the Salted Caramel flavor for Php 50.00 all the other cupcake flavors are sold at Php 45.00. Cupacake flavors: Banoffee, Red Velvet, Hazelnut, Brownie, Tiramisu, Valrhona and Salted Caramel.

The sans rival of Sue and Jane is to die for and definitely a must-try!


They also serve Pasta (Spaghetti and Carbonara) for Php 70.00 and it is already good for 2. They also have rice meals available.

But the heavenly experience for me at Sue and Jane was their affordable yet very delicious coffee. Sold at Php 60.00 per cup.

Cafe Latte is my all-time favorite coffee.

Cafe Mocha.

The house specialty for drinks is their Chocolate Drink. I am a coffee lover but when i tasted this drink, it was truly a mouth spectacle!

Chocolate Drink matched with Red Velvet Cupcake.

Chocolate Drink paired with Japanese Cheesecake.

Sue and Jane is a perfect place to relax with family and friends or take a break from work and school. Quality is never compromised and ALL their food, pastries and drinks are very affordable for students and work force alike. 

This is our favorite corner. My Cagayan De Oro friends and I had a wonderful time catching up over delicious pastries and coffee.

So when in Cagayan de Oro, Sue and Jane is a must-visit place. Spread the word!♥


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