Iloilo Meets Japan

Filipinos has a big appetite for good food. That usually defines us from from the food customs of the different countries. Each region in our country has a distinct specialty and one of the delicacy of Iloilo is the famous Lapaz Batchoy. It is a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings (chicharon), chicken stock, beef loin and round noodles. But Chef Benjie-san wanted to create a fusion-type product. He used to work in Japan as an Executive Chef  for 20 years. Japan being known for having the best Ramen in the world and Ramen being their staple food, Chef Benjie-san thought of giving birth to a new product and named his restaurant after it. He then named it “Oishi Batchoi”. The Y in Batchoy is replaced with I to give distinction to his brainchild.

The very cold weather yesterday prompted me to try this restaurant which is located at SM City Iloilo. As everyone of you know that i am a big fan of Japanese Ramen. As a matter of fact, during my last three trips to Japan, i went out to have a Ramen food trip.I just could not get enough of Ramen especially on a cold weather like now.

The ambience inside the restaurant was festive and the attendants were very warm and hospitable just like the Japanese Ramen Restaurants i dined at Japan. I asked the manager if the place just opened because there are a lot of balloons and colorful decorations outside and inside the restaurant, but apparently they opened last April. He just wanted to have a festive and lively ambience which i really like.


There are various of food to choose from the menu but since i was was so curious with their Batchoi with a twist, i ordered for Oishi Miso Batchoi and Seafood Miso Batchoi. I love Miso based-ramen!



After around 10 minutes, our food was served.


Top: Seafood Miso Batchoi Below: Oishi Miso Batchoi

They did not disappoint me. If you don’t like the pork organs that is usually a main ingredient in Batchoy, then you should order their Seafood Miso Batchoi. It was such a tummy delight!!! They nailed the taste of the soup base which is usually the winning factor of any Ramen. It is like  marrying the richness of a ramen and the goodness of batchoy. Chef Benjie-san concocted his own version of batchoy by emulating the meticulous way of preparing broth the japanese way, He used Japanese Miso (soybean paste) giving the soup not only a sweet and savory taste but also with tons of health benefits. They are also using freshly-made Ramen or egg noodles instead of ordinary noodles.

A new genre of batchoy is thus created!


I cannot wait to come back to Iloilo and try again this wonderful dish! The foodie in me was really extremely happy with the gastronomic experience i had at Oishi Batchoi.

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