Hongkong Food Trip Part 2

Hong Kong is known for its wide array of gastronomical food from budget level to Michelin Star restaurants.  For many travelers, it is difficult to choose which place to try first.   So if you don’t know where to go,   I am trying to list some places that i tried and can recommend to you. The prices of the places listed below are all affordable that don’t leave a hole in your pocket.

Every time I travel to a place,  food is always part of the itinerary.    I would like to try where the locals have lunch or dinner.   When i see long queue outside for a place,  i would check what food is served and would be usually try if i find it interesting.

1.  Mak’s Noodle  –  Wanton Noodle House.  Address:  Wellington Street, Central

This shrimp wanton noodle house is one of the best and phenomenal dish that i have tried.   The texture of the noodles were springy.  It is said that this dish was once served to Chiang Kai Shek, President of Republic of China (Taiwan)  and the recipe has not changed since.



2.  Australia Dairy Company.   Address: Parkes Street, Jordan

A cha chaan teng (literally means tea restaurant) in Kowloon Side.  I don’t know why it is called Australia Dairy Company as it does not look like anyway coming from Australia or serve Australian food.

It is a breakfast place but we came here in the afternoon so the queue was  short when we went.   Yes, they serve the tastiest scrambled eggs. The macaroni soup is average and nothing special.   Suggested to try local food in hongkong.




3.  Kau Kee. Address: 21 Gough St., Central

When I think of Beef Brisket Noodle, I would immediately think of Kau Kee.   It is found in Gough St in between Central and Sheung Wan station.  You won’t miss it as it has a long queue before it opens.  This place has been know to be operating for a century already. 100% you wont go wrong if you try the beef brisket.   Their specialty is the Beef Brisket Kway Teow Soup and their Curry Beef Tendon Noodle which i both ordered.  Both are good.



4.  Lin Heung Tea House – Dimsum Place Address: 162 Wellington St, Sheung Wan

The best dimsum place in town!  Went there at around 3pm and it is still full.  EVERYTHING here is very delicious.  100% i recommend this place. Aside from Ala Carte menu, do watch out for freshly made dimsum that they will put in the cart and move around the restaurant. People will get before the cart will go near to your table so i suggest you approach the cart instead of waiting for it to com to your table.


5.  Tim Ho Wan –  Dimsum Place.  Michelin Star Address: IFC Tower

Tim Ho Wan is well known for their baked pork buns which is very delicious.   Although they have branches in Manila and the newly opened branch in SM Seaside Cebu,  we still prefer to get it from where it is originally from.   Yes. they don’t disappoint.

The long queue at Tim Ho Wan.

The long queue at Tim Ho Wan IFC Tower branch.

They have the best Baked Buns with Pork BBQ and my favorite Steamed Egg Cake.

They have the best Baked Buns with Pork BBQ and my favorite Steamed Egg Cake.

6.  McDonalds Next.  A McDonalds Concept Store.  Address:  Outside Admiralty Station

There is one McDonalds branch that is unique to the other branches in Hongkong (maybe world).  This is their new concept store that offers healthier options.   The ambience is chic and modern. And they offer to make you a customized order in their Create your Taste Touch screen terminal found inside the store.  I Suggest that you should  try this to experience a totally new McDonalds.


14795716_120300000735615291_271493766_o.The salad bar.


My Burger with Portobello Mushroom and Angus Beef.


7.  Cafe De Coral  – Hongkong Fast Food.  Various Places around Hongkong.

Cafe de Coral is the largest Hong Kong based fast food group with 580 branches as of this writing..  It is known as the Hongkong McDonalds.  It serves a wide variety of food from breakfast to dinner.  Their menu changes daily.  I can eat here everyday and it will take some time to try everything in the menu.  If you are in a place and cannot decide where to go, for sure there is a Cafe De Coral nearby.  You will find something that will interest you.





8. Tsui Wah. Address: Wellington St.

In my most recent Hongkong trip, we stayed near Lan Kwai Fong as we were spending the weekend for a bridal shower for a good friend. This was our go-to restaurant that weekend. They are open for 24 hours and they serve the best Fish Ball and Fish Cake Noodles in Fish Soup.

People come and go in the restaurant even it is at 4:00 AM. They have 26 branches across Hongkong, Macau and Mainland China. It is one of the famous cha-chaan-teng in Hongkong. I can say that it is a must-try when in Hongkong.

Pork Curry

9. Ebeneezer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria.  Address: Lan Kwai Fong

If you fancy middle eastern food, this is the place to go to. Since they are located at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, their operating hours are Sun-Thurs 10:00 AM-6:00 AM and Fri-Sat 10:00 AM-7:00 AM.

This is perfect for people who are on diet like me. I ordered their Greek Salad with Chicken and Spring Roll and it was very delicious! They also have Chicken Biryani with rice and a whole lot of Indian and Middle Eastern food to choose from.

Wide array of beers  to match your food is available too.

10. Oolaa Petite. Address: Wan Chai

Oolaa is a unique all-day dining and drinks destination. It has a very nice ambience and the interiors of the restaurant is very posh. They serve burgers, steaks, pasta, salads and their drinks vary from smoothies, wine to coffee.



Oolaa Petite

11. Little Creatures Brewing Hongkong. Address: Kennedy Town

Had a fun time at Kennedy Town’s famous restaurant and brewery, Little Creatures. It is a big restaurant with a very nice relaxed ambience. One of the highlights of our dinner is the Beer Paddle which is an array of 6 different kinds of ale.

Beer Paddle

We ordered salad, chicken and piork to match our freshly brewed ale. It is a place to relax and unwind after a busy day at work or a weekend hangout place with family and friends.

12. Elephant Grounds. Address: 8 Wing Fung St. Wan Chai

For the coffee lovers out there (like me!), a cozy coffee shop located at Wing Fung St. in Wan Chai is a must visit. They have good juices and eats too. They are pet friendly as well.

Great conversations at Elephant Grounds.


This is the second part from my previously published Hongkong Food Trip blog.

I am looking forward to more food discoveries in Hongkong in my upcoming trip. I fancy going to Hongkong for a quick weekend getaway because expenses-wise, it is just the same on having a weekend in Manila plus hey have efficient transport system (no traffic!)  and shopping is exciting.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”—James Beard



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