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I am never sporty or athletic. Growing up i have always been skinny but then as i mature i noticed that i am slowly gaining weight. Five years ago, i started to go to the gym. I enrolled at Marriott Hotel Gym then transferred to Gold’s Gym and went back to Marriott Hotel Gym. Usually hit the gym before bikini season begins. 😁

This year, i booked a ticket to Maldives and i really felt the pressure of having an instagram-worthy bikini pictures. I remembered my friend who used to do Muay Thai (not now because she is training for Iron Man). She was really so fit. So i asked her about the location and schedule. She told me to try one session to just feel if the sport is for us and was so supportive to join us on our trial session.

meet Faye and Frans the Muay Thai instructor

One Saturday afternoon, we went to the Muay Thai studio and tried it for the first time. Going up was already a warm up itself. One has to go up by foot on the topmost floor of CJRS building IT Park. The routine was warm up, boxing, kicking and abs exercise as post work out. Initially, i was very conscious of my moves because i do not have background on Boxing and Kick Boxing but eventually i was enjoying it. Frans, the instructor, was very accomodating and patient to newbies.

After the first session, i was encouraged to enroll. Never had i experienced body sore this painful in my life! But it was some sort of a happy-pain because i know that my body is burning calories.

It was also fun because i usually take the classes with my friends and we took the pleasure of supporting each in the training. Sometimes you are tired or too lazy to go to the class, having muay thai buddies made me go to the class. A little encouragement from them and reminder of our fitness goals makes me attend the class.

the haggard but happy faces after our 2-hour sesh

We tried doing it every other day but our human bodies is not too strong for it (just yet) so we vowed to attend twice a week. There are also people who do it almost everyday or every other day. It really depends on your daily schedule and stamina.

i learned putting on handwraps via youtube

This sport has opened my mind that you can do anything if your heart is into it. I was able to explore my body limits in terms of the pain from boxing, kickboxing and abs work out. I know this is too cliché but truly No Pain, No Gain.

This sport releases my stress and frustrations. After each class, my happy hormones are raging! More than that, fitness should be a lifestyle especially for the not-so-young like me.

Here are a few tips for those who want to try Muay Thai:

  • Have yourself checked first from a Licensed Physician before joining any fitness program.
  • The fee is Php 200.00 per session. You can also observe one session before joining the next class so that you can assess if you want to carry on.

  • Bring handwraps and gloves. There are handwraps and gloves that you can borrow at the studio but i suggest that you need to buy your own handwraps and gloves for hygeinic purposes especially if you get the 8-session card. Trust me, after each class, there will be no part on your body that is not drenched with sweat!
  • Join with your friends but if there are none, you can gain so many Muay Thai enthusiast new friends. I gained a lot of friends, they would actually support you and if you are lucky, they can coach you too.

with Frans and our Muay Thai classmates

  • Wear comfy clothes so that you are free to move around the routines.
  • Bring lots and lots of water for rehydration. There are also water for sale at the studio. Php 20.00 for 1L of water, not bad.
  • Have fun learning, training and sweating out! 👊

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