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One of my primary concern in traveling is what to pack for my daily ootd’s. I guess this is a common dilemma for all travelers. I will share to you what i wore on my series of local and international trips this year. Usually the weather was fair for these travels.

I like wearing comfy clothes and shoes whenever i am traveling and i know you do too. Let me take you to a virtual tour of some of my trips from January-August 2017. Here are some photos for your next travel #ootd inspos!

When in doubt, wear black. I have this endless affair with black because i love the “slim” illusion that it gives on the photos.

Black top with flower patch paired with my black ripped jeans and white sneakers. This top is made of chiffon material with a soft cloth lining so it is comfy to wear even with on a hot day at Malaysia.

Penang, Malaysia June 2017

China House Cafe, Penang, Malaysia July 2017


You can also have the option to match the black ripped jeans with an off shoulder chiffon top and match with any of your favorite dark colored sneakers.

Botanical Garden, Baguio City May 2017

Botanical Garden, Baguio City, May 2017

You can never go wrong with white tees as well. It can be paired with anything. This is one item in my closet that that you will never miss because i have a spread of white tees with different neck designs: V neck, deep V neck, open round neck, round neck nad i have loose tees or body hugging tees, name it and it is not expensive too!

Del Monte Clubhouse, Camp Phillips,Cagayan de Oro March 2017


Dahilayan Forest Park, Bukidnon March 2017

Maong or denim jeans has always been in the fashion scene for as long as i can remember. One thing that is commonly used nowadays is tattered denim pants. It can be easily paired with any top too, ranging to the lightest color to the darkest color. The mood of the outfit again differs on the foot wear you will choose. I always prefer to wear slip ons, slippers and sneakers for daily comfort unless for a formal event.

Fort San Pedro, Cebu City March 2017


Fort San Pedro, Cebu City, March 2017

You can also pair maong or denim pants paired with long back top and put on some strappy sandals.

Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu City May 2017

If this top is familiar, it is because i have this in black too! Since i really like the design and the comfort that the cloth brings.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Mactan International Airport, July 2017


Plaza Premium Lounge, Mactan International Airport, July 2017


This backless jumpsuit is so comfy as i stroll around Singapore but the downside of jump suit is the struggle when you need to use the bathroom as you need to take it off all together.

Singapore, June 2017

But i also have a thing about jumpsuits, so even if it is difficult to dress and undress, i still wear a lot of it.

Singapore, July 2017


Decathlon, Singapore, July 2017


So i braved another jumpsuit outfit on a wine tasting night at The Pyramid Cebu. This time it has stripes print.

The Pyramid Cebu, July 2017


The Pyramid, Cebu City. July 2017

This peplum romper with feather prints is one of my favorite rompers.


This pastel romper with slits on both sides is one of my favorite outfits i ever wore. The fabric is a very soft chiffon that hugged my body tightly. I love the details of this romper.

Oola Restaurant, Hongkong, May 2017


Lan Kwai Fong, Hongkong, May 2017


White shorts is also a staple piece in my wardrobe. I have 7 or more white shorts because i find it very convenient to match to any top. I paired this white shorts with a long back black top and a slip on to complete the ootd.

Temple of Leah, Busay, Cebu City February 2017


Temple of Leah, Busay, Cebu City February 2017


Black Polo and white shorts and sneakers is a no-brainer outfit and it was an appropriate ootd for a day of walking around Baguio.

Baguio City, May 2017


La Trinidad, Benguet, May 2017

It can also be paired with a red long back top.

The Coffee Academics, Hongkong, August 2017


Lee Tung Avenue, Hongkong, August 2017


White shorts can be easily paired with pastel tops too.

Monster City, Hongkong, August 2017


10,000 Buddhas Monastery, Hongkong August 2017

Or it can be paired with a nude sheer top as well for beach trips and pair it with white slippers.

Crimson Spa and Resort, Mactan, Lapu lapu City April 2017


Crimson Resort and Spa, April 2017

It can also be paired with a sheer, red, long back top!

Manila, May 2017

It can also be an easy airport ootd matched with a cardigan.


Hongkong International Airport, May 2017


Hongkong International Airport, May 2017

It is also a perfect pair for stripes top.

Lan Kwai Fong, Hongkong, May 2017

Maong or denim shorts is also a go-to clothing piece that can be matched with any top.

Padre Pio Shrine, Batangas, July 2017


Sulyap Cafe, San Pablo City, Laguna July 2017

Maong or Denim shorts can also be paired with an off shoulder top and gladiator sandals.

Cebu Happy World Museum, Cordova, Cebu February 2017

Black shorts is another must-have in your closets.

Balay Negrense, Silay City, June 2017


Balay Negrense, Silay City, June 2017

You can also pair black shorts with black long back top and sneakers for a casual dinner with friends.

District at 53rd, Cebu City, July 2017

I fell in love with this fun dress the moment i saw it online. It has fun patches of lipstick, lips, coconut trees and sun.

Camp John Hay, Baguio City, May 2017




Burnham Park, Baguio City, May 2017

I am so into black dresses with flower patches lately, like this outfit i wore for a coffee date and an afternoon stroll around Mactan.

Starbucks Mactan, June 2017




Abaca Beach Resort and Restaurant, Mactan, June 2017


My obsession with flowers continues with this black dress with flower embroidery. This dress is perfect for a weekday brunch  or even as an airport ootd.


Fabio’s, Busay, Cebu City July 2017


Sky Lounge, NAIA 3, Manila July 2017

This black dress is also a fun daily outfit either worn with sneakers or slip ons.

Cebu City, July 2017

This dress can either be worn for a day out or a night out. The mood of the dress depends on the shoes that you will pair with it. For this one, i paired this black overlap dress with espradilles for a day out in Hongkong.

Lan Kwai Fong, Hongkong, May 2017


Lan Kwai Fong, Hongkong, May 2017

This black backless dress is a perfect outfit for strolling under the heat of the sun. This can also be used for a night out if you will just pair this with heels.

Chew Jetty, Penang, Malaysia June 2017


Armenian Street, George Town, Malaysia June 2017

Breaking the monotony of my black and white colors, i opted for a maroon dress as an airport ootd.

Siem Reap International Airport, June 2017

Plaza Premium Lounge, Siem Reap International Airport, June 2017

This denim dress is so comfy to wear and made look youthful.

Conrad Hotel, Manila, June 2017

Conrad Hotel, Manila, June 2017

Visited an art museum in this white printed dress.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, June 2017

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, June 2017

This two-piece number (shorts and long blouse) that has an illusion of a short-short dress is super nice! I have this in three different designs because it so comfortable and easy to wear.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, January 2017

Palawan, January 2017

Lastly, here are ootd inspos for those who are planning to go on a temple hopping at Siem Reap or visiting any temples for that matter. No shorts or sleeveless allowed on these holy gorunds.




Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, June 2017


Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, June 2017






There you go. I hope i was able to inspire you with simple daily and travel outfits. For me, i do not usually buy very expensive clothes, i invest on branded shoes, luxury bags and real accessories. These are just inspirations, i suggest you wear anything that your heart desires and anything that you are comfortable wearing. It has been said that fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.

Before i end this fashion blog, sharing you a secret that almost all of my tops are worth Php 299-350. If you are interested, you may send an inquiry here or shoot me an email.♥



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