Look Book Edition 2 – Swimsuits & Sunnies

Every year, i always look forward for summer. Just thinking about the beach makes me happy and giddy. After the Christmas season, which is the season of parties and food binging, it is the time that i  do intense work out, fitness regimen and implement strict diet. I started as early as October last year to prepare myself for summer 2016. I alternate running with Muay Thai training with a strict diet of no pork and beef plus quinoa in lieu of white rice. Although i do not recommend this diet, you should always consult a physician or dietician for proper guidance but i did lose weight doing those. It is so difficult to achieve a magazine worthy bikini body. My body is still a work in progress. I wish i can afford those expensive ways of trimming down weight!

Here are a few photos on how i pulled off my looks for the bikini season.

Mactan Shangrila Resort and Spa

Summer started early for me, celebrated Valentine’s Day at Mactan Shangrila Resort and Spa.

Love Day at Mactan Shangrila Resort and Spa with my red Marc Jacob sunnies.


This red bikini with mini-ruffles top is perfect for ladies who are not well-endowed like me.

Boracay Island



Orange Rayban Flash Lens Aviator sunnies to match my swimmies.

A week after, visited again the beautiful island of Boracay. I love the color of this bikini, it has summer feels with those vibrant colors. This was taken at our hotel pool, unfortunately Boracay beach is not so inviting when we went there.

North Sand Bar

North Sand Bar

North Sand Bar wearing brown Kelly shades from Sunnies By Charlie.


This royal blue fringe top bikini complemented my skin and again the fringe top made an illusion of a beautiful upper body with it’s Vshape, i get an instant curve.


Maldives Day 1

Maldives Day 1 wearing Dior So Real.

With my good friend Betchy.

With my good friend Betchy.

But what i really looked forward to was our Maldives trip which for me is one of the ultimate Bikini Season destination! On Day 1 at Maafushi Island, i wore a neon yellow/orange combi fringe bikini which is a birthday present from my bruha Johanna.

Maldives Day 2

Maldives Day 2 wearing Green Rayban Flash Lens.


with my good friend Mike

with my good friend Mike

On Day 2, i wore this figure-enhancing one-piece black swim wear that i bought online.

Maldives Day 3

Maldives Day 3 wearing Dior Round.


Day 3, i wore a this black two-piece swim wear which i bought at Aldo Nuvali. I actually didn’t have any idea that there is an Aldo swim wear line. This is one of my favorite bikini!

Maldives day 4

Maldives day 4

Day 4, we started our day with a morning swim and i used this blue combination swim wear that i bought on line.




Pink Dior Round to match my pink Victoria’s Secrets swimmies.


In the afternoon, i wore a pink Victoria’s Secrets 2 piece bikini that has teen-feels because of its pink and white combination as well as the stripes and polka dots design.

Maldives Day 5

Maldives Day 5 wearing black Rayban Aviator sunnies.

Day 5, i wore this one piece swim wear which i ordered online.


With my good friend Tarahashi at Maldives Fihalhohi Resort

Maldives Day 6

Maldives Day 6 wearing my Pink Rayban Aviator Flash Lens sunnies.


Day 6, i wore this beautiful animal print bikini which i really love the cloth. It hugs my body perfectly.

Maldives Day 6

Maldives Day 6


Day 6, i changed the top with this cute white crochet top. I love to mix and match too!

South Palms Resort Bohol

Last April, Reece and I invaded the solo trip of our friend Wowie at South Palms Bohol. I wore this Soak Swim Wear simmies but opted to use another bikini top.

South Palms Bohol

South Palms Resort Bohol in Moana Body Suit from Soak Swimwear.


I love wearing tie bottoms because it would make my legs look longer. Wearing my classic Black Aviator Rayban sunnies.


This month, i had a pool session with my bestie and stylist MJP.


I wore a beaded two piece which is a gift from my cousin Euco Dale.


Another pool session with my cousin photographer, Icee Ledesma wearing my Pink Dior So Real sunnies.


I wore this white top and a bottom with flower prints. So dainty!


I do not buy expensive swim wear because i usually wear it a couple of times only. I also mix and match my swimmies to give me multiple looks. For one piece swim wear, i need to fit before buying because my size is between medium and large. I always have a problem buying two piece bikinis because my top is medium and my bottom is large. I love those shops selling top and bottom separately. Am i the only one with this kind of dilemma?

As for the bikini body, i personally believe that each of our bodies are unique and beautiful. So whether you feel like you are too fat or too thin, never stop yourself from wearing swim suits. Be fearless and confident in the beach. That is one of the perks of being a woman, having to enjoy wearing bikinis. Enjoy the beach, sun, sand and of course your company.

So, how to really get a bikini body?

  1. Put a bikini on your body.
  2. Stop giving a shit about what everyone else thinks!
  3. Get your ass to the beach, beautiful!


For comments about this blog, feel free to email me or post it below.  Happy Summer 2016!



14 thoughts on “Look Book Edition 2 – Swimsuits & Sunnies

  1. Via Manansala

    “Rule # 2: Stop giving a shit about what everyone else thinks.” This could probably the best thing that a carefree woman can do to attain pure bliss. It applies in every aspect of life. You go girl!

  2. mirzaday

    I love your secret on how to have a “swimsuit body ready” sort of being shared…..wear a swimsuit and go to the beach! And yes! I don’t give a damn of those who have bad comments. You are even lucky to see me. Lolz! I like those bossom enhanced effects.

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