Old Meets New Vintage Shop

Old Meets New Vintage Shop has finally opened its doors to the public last January 14, 2017.  If you are a lover of vintage and modern furniture, fixtures and decors, then you should visit this shop.

I had the honor of gracing the opening of this beautiful shop which is located at Unit 8 3rd floor, The Greenery, Mabolo, Cebu City.

With the beautiful owner, Mrs. May Tio.

The owner, Mrs. May Tio has the eye for beautiful, authentic and vintage things as you can see in the selection of the items found in her shop. She got these items from her Europe, Asian and Middle East travels. She loves to travel around the world and has always been fascinated with antiques and vintage pieces. She considers them timeless and each piece definitely has a story to tell. She also adores modern accent pieces and she loves to mix and match vintage and modern pieces which makes all her items classy yet fun. She has been doing this business since 2012 but just this year that she opened her very own shop.

I had so much fun going through all the items in the shop. A lot of interesting home furniture and fixtures. This is one of the few shops in Cebu that offers vintage and classic goods with a touch of modern vibe and it is so refreshing to look at all the items found in the store.

Sumptuous dinner and cocktails was served to the guests of the Grand Opening of Old Meets New Vintage Shop.

Congratulations Mr. Seth and Mrs. May Tio on the grand opening of Old Meets New Vintage Shop. This is truly a place to find a perfect combination of timeless vintage pieces and modern quirky fun items.





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