Osmeña Peak: Highest Summit of Cebu Adventure Guide

It is now the last stretch of summer 2016 and if you want another adventure other than going to the beach, this attraction might interest you.

Osmena Peak is the highest point of the island of Cebu with an elevation of 1013 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level).  Going there, you will pass by the mountain barangay Mantalongon of Dalaguete, Cebu.   It is located at Barangay Patong, Badian, Cebu. This area is also known as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu because its climate is ideal to grow vegetables, crops and even flowers.

The peak is a favorite destination among hikers and campers during the hot months thus it is known as the Summer Capital of Cebu.  The level of difficulty is relatively easy so you don’t need to be a seasoned hiker to reach the summit.

Started our road trip as early as 7 A.M., we took the SRP route and stopped by for breakfast at a carenderia nearby.  It was past 9 A. M. when we finally arrived at Mantalongon. We stopped by at Mantalongon Public Market area to ask where to get guides going to Osmeña Peak. Two kids entertained us and promised us to show the way up to the registration area.

Mantalongon Public Market

We drove around 5 kms more. Others start their hiking at this point and usually takes  around 1 1/2 hours to reach the registration site or the trail head at a relax pace.

There is a parking area around this part. The kids that showed us this site were the ones who kept an eye of our car while we were away. When we asked the kids of how much they charge, they told us that it is up to the customer.

Behind me are the guides and the registration corner.

Fees for Osmeña Peak

We chose to get a guide going up the peak. It is also recommended especially for first timers like us. They do not collect fixed fees, only tips from the customers. Children were strictly prohibited to be guides because they skip school to earn money from this.

starting point

The struggle is real.

The unique shape Jagged Edge Mountain.

View of Badian and Pescador Island.

img_0083At 1013 MASL

Going we down, we came across these kids who lives near the peak. They were bringing water and some food for their families.

Going we down, we came across these kids who lives near the peak. They were bringing water and some food for their families.

Ate Ann, our informative and very accommodating guide plus a great photographer!

It was a great experience. I had hesitations at first but i am glad that i did. We were blessed with a good weather going up the peak. It was not super sunny and when we reached the peak, it rained for like half a minute so the people went down and we did not because we had umbrella with us. The scenic view that we saw as we climb up the peak was very calming. It was a perfect way of de-stressing away from the city. It was a beautiful weekend escape. The lush greens that were in our sight was very inviting. The majestic sight of Cebu from the peak was really awesome and made it worth our time!

There is another trail going down to Kawasan Falls in Badian which will take  around four hour trek.  This path is usually taken by campers who stayed overnight.  We did not take this route as there is no road for our vehicle to pass.

Here are a few tips if you wish to explore Osmeña Peak:

  • Wear comfortable walking/trekking shoes and clothes.
  • It is best to go during summer season.  It gets slippery when it rains.
  • Bring water and towel.
  • I brought umbrella and i am thankful i did because it rained for a while when we were at the peak, so bring along foldable umbrellas.
  • You may also camp there, they have a designated camp site with an additional fee of Php50.00 per tent. Our guide told us that they can get water or any groceries for you but it is best that you bring along all necessary things you need to cut down costs and lessen giving tips.
  • The road going to the registration site is under construction, be very careful.
  • Rest rooms are available at the registration site and there is one near the parking area. A fee of Php5.00 to pee and Php10.00 for number 2.
  • It was unfortunate that when we went there, vegetables were not available for sale because of too much heat, there was a scarcity of veggies. We went to their main market instead and bought pechay and cabbage, still lower than the price at the supermarkets.


  • The guide told us that there are more people going there on weekends, so if you don’t want a crowded peak, you may opt to go there on a week day.
  • By going here, we are also helping the livelihood of our the people here. The main livelihood of the people here are planting plants and vegetables and they are glad that people took an interest in visiting Osmeña Peak because guides and stores have now an addtional income.
  • Another way of going to O Peak is thru a public bus. Ride a bus at the South Terminal bound to Bato or Oslob then go down at Dalaguete junction. Bus fare is around Php180.00. Hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the registration site.  They charge at least Php200 for a maximum of 2 passengers
  • We took our lunch at Carcar and of course we bought Chicharon and ampao.

My favorite Chicharon store is iniside the Carcar Public Market. You can buy freshly cooked chicharon.They also sell Chorizo.

Make the most of your summer, come visit Cebu’s highest peak, Osmeña Peak or O Peak.

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