Introductory Scuba Dive for a Newbie Experience

If you are still thinking of other things to do this weekend, you might want to try Scuba Diving. It was  in my bucket list that i listed last year and i ticked it off the same year.

I inquired about scuba diving from my relative who is a professional diver and he recommended Clyde. I sent an FB personal message to him and he immediately scheduled our introductory dive.

An “Introductory Dive”  is basically an escorted dive with a fully trained dive instructor.  This is usually for first timers to experience the fun of scuba diving.  After which one can decide if they  want to pursue a certification course for them to dive different sites.

We met with our instructor at S2 Dive Shop in Mactan around 9 in the morning. It was just me and JT who was able to come.

A short briefing is given to explain the basics of diving and that the instructor will be with you at all times during the dive.


Our instructor prepared all the gears and equipment at the dive shop. He let us borrow wet suits. In about 30 minutes, we were all set.



We rode a 10 minutes motorized banca across the Mactan channel  to a Bas Kural, a fish sanctuary in Olango Island. When we reach there, we had a training on how to breath underwater using the oxygen tank and was oriented with all the safety procedures. Our instructor was very patient, calm and precise when he gave us instructions. Excitement and fear is starting to build up but since i really want to do this, i put all my fear and doubts at the back seat and we started to go underwater.


Going down 10 meters



Fish feeding



It was an awesome experience! I used to just enjoy the beach view and swim a little but going into the deep was even more fantastic!

Here is a guide for those who wanted to try this:

  • Be emotionally and physically ready. I suggest you rest well prior to indulging into this activity because you need a lot of energy and you need to keep in mind all the necessary safety procedures although the instructor is always there to assist you.
  • Proper dress code for this activity is rash guard and board shorts. Our instructor let us borrow wet suits as part of the package.
  • You can also request for food as part of the package, we did! We had a sumptuous lunch prepared by the instructors staff at the boat after our first dive.
  • For those who has motion sickness like me, you have the option to drink medicines before diving so that you will be able the experience it to the fullest.
  • The instructor is actually generous to the number of times you want to go underwater. We made two underwater trips.
  • Always, always follow instructions and keep in mind all the safety procedures.
  • Be calm and focused, you’ll get too excited and you will be very overwhelmed with the beauty that you will witness. As a matter of fact, i was able to say “WOW!” and i lost grip of my mouth piece. Good thing that i was able to remember what to do.
  • We brought our own food too, snacks that we shared with the boatmen and the dive staff.
  • This is a fun bonding for couple and for friends as well. I suggest you come in a group (5 or more) to avail of the group rate which is lesser compared to what we paid for.
  • There is nothing more amazing than having a dive instructor who is also into underwater photography! He took our photos with his awesome camera and it was also a part of the package. Be sure to bring SD card or USB for easy transfer of photos.

Clyde Bacalla our awesome dive instructor!


Sharing this beautiful life quote to end this blog post,

“When my life comes to an end, I want to be sure I did everything i loved and loved everything i did.”

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