My Morning Routine

How i start my day usually dictates how my day will proceed. I have this morning routine that i try to do as much as i can everyday except on days that i missed my alarm but now i found an alarm life hack that i am doing for months now. If i intend to wake up at 7:00 am then i input  7:00am, 7:01am, 7:02am and 7:03am on my phone this way, i will be very pissed with my alarm and force myself to wake up. So there will be no more missing of alarms!

I usually wake up 3 hours before any call time may it be for a meeting, for a flight (i hate early morning flights!) or for any appointments. I have this habit of having a silent me-time for around an hour just to keep my brain cells alive and prepare for that day. When i wake up from my bed, i usually heat up water for my coffee, then wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and enjoy a cup of joe.That comprises my first hour in the morning.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

After shower, i have a daily morning skin care routine that i do not miss out. Even if i am i a hurry, I never leave the house without these skin weapons.

This spray facial toner balances, hydrates and neutralizes skin impurities. It helps lock in moisture and restores skin suppleness. I also use this also once my skin looks tired and dull anytime of the day, it gives you an instant feeling of freshness.

Murad Hydrating Toner

Step 1: Murad Hydrating Toner

Since the original bottle is too big to carry around, i bought a little spray bottle to put iniside my daily make up kit or when i travel. You may opt to choose any toner that suits your skin type but i always recommend products who are hypo-allergenic and those that are gentle to my skin.


Dermalogica Total Eye Care

Step 2: Dermalogica Total Eye Care

Squeeze out a little portion of this, gently pat  around the entire eye area blending inward from the outer corner, focusing on the sides where there are fine lines. It reduces puffiness, conceal under eye dark circles and has chemical free spf15 protection. I also use this in my night time skin care regimen. One tube lasts up to 6 months. You may also opt to try other eye creams that suit your skin but i find this product beneficial to me since i wear contact lenses daily and this eye cream has a gentle formula. Thankful to my friend Nieka who recommended this product and a fellow beauty junkie.

Murad Sheer Lustre Day Moisture

Step 3: Murad Sheer Lustre Day Moisture

I use moisturizer everyday and this applies even for those with oily skin like me. I keep it on mind because this is what my dermatologist told me. This product hydrates, protects (spf15) and provides a dewy glow to my skin. There are also a whole lot of moisturizers in the market to choose from. I believe in trial and error system in my skin care regimen and also with make up too. Since not all skin types are alike, this product might or might not suit your skin type but it does suit me well. I accidentally discovered this product when i bought the Murad toner and their beauty specialist gave me a sample of this.

Cetaphil Daylong

Step 4: Cetaphil Daylong

The fourth and last step of my skin care prior to wearing my make up is of course a very reliable sunblock, Cetaphil Daylong Light Gel with spf 50. I love this product because i observed before that the higher the spf the stickier it is on the skin and this product proved me wrong. It is light, oil-free, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, very water resistant and dermatologically tested. This was recommended by once of my closest friend and  fellow beach bum Johanna. Remember the song of Baz Luhrmann entitled Sunscreen? The 4th line of the first stanza of the song goes like this “The long term benefits of sunscreen has been proven by the scientists.” I could not agree more. So sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. Reapply every four hours especially this summer, the heat is terrible and sometimes unbearable.

But then the best make up base one could ever have is a naturally fresh and clean skin. Everything boils down to basic skin care and that includes 8-10 glasses of water for skin hydration and 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. I noticed that when i am hydrated and well-rested, my make up is well absorbed by my skin thus making my face fresh and glowing and that is even without anything on my face.

So when i am really running late for any appointment, i just put on those 4 products quickly and then i am  good to go.

If i am on time, the next few minutes will be spent putting on my daily work make up and off i go to conquer another day.

Sunday however is a total rest day from work and exercise, this is the day of solitude and prayer for me and a day for my facial mask too. This is recommended to shrink enlarged pores, dry up pimples and take our black heads. I have been using this product for almost three years now and my skin texture really improved. There are also other variants of this mask but as per experience, mint julep is the best. For days that i feel i am too stressed or if i am over exposed from extreme heat, i use facial masks for immediate relief and for that instant refreshing feeling. Some of my masks were gifts from a friend who went on a Korean vacation and from my cousin who lives in Korea. Apparently, facial masks is a big hit in Korea. What i love about it is that it covers my under eyes which is the foremost part of your face where stress is visible.



There goes my home beauty routine. I hope you find this blog helpful and informative.

“People will stare. make it worth their while.”—Harry Winston

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9 thoughts on “My Morning Routine

  1. Via Manansala

    Hi Ms. Hannae, Thank you for sharing your beauty tips with your avid readers. Im excited to try that Julep Masque, may I know where to get one? TIA.

  2. Weng

    Ill definetely give those products a try! I hope they do wonders on my sensitive skin too.thank you for sharing ❤️

  3. Joh

    Sooo kikay!! So thats the secret ha.. to your ever blooming aura (secret no more hehe). Thanks for sharing H and for featuring Cetaphil! Keep on sharing those beauty tips. You are truly beautiful.. with a ❤️.

  4. keni

    hannae, im considering the mint masque, but i have atopic skin which is easily irritated by beauty products, i have good results with cetaphil though…. ❤️ well, where to buy the beauty masque?

    1. hannae Post author

      Hi!!!:) You can buy it at any healthy options shop. Thank you for reading my log madam keni.:)

    1. hannae Post author

      Hi there! I’m using Block and White spf 24. Don’t forget to reapply every 6 hours. Been using that product since College, they now have new packaging. Thank you for reading my blogs! keep on visiting my blog site.

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