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I am taking a quick break from publishing travel blogs and would like to share second of my favorite topics to write about, beauty. Here are the make up brands that i use when i don’t feel like using my branded make up. Those days when i just go out to get laundry or do a short trip to the supermarket or any other activities that do not require meeting a lot of people. Lol. I also use these make up when i go for swimming or island hopping and the like since they will just be washed off when i swim.

After cleaning and moisturizing my face i always, always put on sunblock and that is my ritual before putting on my make up.

Step 1: Make Up Base

Naturactor (Shade: Natural) This gives a very smooth base. It can be easily applied and blends fast. I usually just use my finger tips when applying the product.


Step 2: Liquid Foundation

Kate (Shade: 01)

This foundation exceeded my expectations as it has a finish similar with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Bought this in Japan for around Php 500.00. Kate products are also sold at SM Department Store at their Beauty Section. Prices might vary. It is always cheaper to buy products where they are manufactured. So if you are going to Japan anytime soon, make it part of your itinerary to visit to their beauty shops. I went loco over their myriads of beauty products. ☺

Check out Tokyo Beauty Finds blog for your easy reference.

Step 3: Concealer

Nyx Above and Beyond Concealer

I actually blogged about this a year ago and this product remains to be one of my favorites. Bought this online at Beauty MNL.

Caracosa Stick Concealer

This one is one of the best beauty finds i ever had. Bought this at one of the beauty stores in Seoul. During our vacation, there was this beauty store near our hotel (cannot read the name and forgot to take a photo) and on our last of stay in Seoul, i decided to go inside the shop and check it out. I found this concealer stick and was sold at 1,000 Korean Won or Php 50.00. I bought one out of curiousity since most of the people say that Korean products are really good and truly it was! I wish i can go back again so that i can hoard!

Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Tsk. Tsk.

Step 4: Powder

Rimmel (Shade 05)

I am always curious of Rimmel and unfortunately it is available only in London and some online make up shops. I am so lucky to have a thoughtful Tita who gave me a stash of their powder. For those planning to go to London, do check out this brand. This powder is priced at 3.99 pounds or around Php240.00. It is lightweight and leaves your skin fresh.

Remember, oilyness is next to ugliness!🤣

Step 5: Eyebrow

Daiso Products

This 2 in 1 retractable eye liner can be bought at any Daiso stores. This is Dark Brown (K2). Finishing it with Eyebrow Gel in Brown. They are sold at Php 88.00 each and Daiso are strategically located in the malls for accessible shopping.

Kilay is life but savings is lifer!🤣

Step 6: Cheek and Lip Tint

KJM (Bittersweet Magenta)

This is a local brand introduced by my 18 year old niece. This is the best-selling shade. It is a bit orangy. It spreads really well with just 2-4 dots and what i like about this shade is that it fits well to all skin color. My niece is a bit morena and i am fair-skinned, but it looks good both on her and on me. This is sold at Php149.00 in Davao and i think you can check this out at the online make up shops.

As a lip tint, after i put on lip balm, i usually put this Lip tint to form as base so that when my lippies wear off, i still have a pinkish/reddish/orangy lips. Not pale at all!


Step 7: Lipstick

Pop Beauty (Peony Petal)

This liquid lipstick stain is best for those who wanted to have a pinkish pouty lips. The color is light pink perfect for daily wear. This is a glossy lipstick stain. Bought this online too at Beauty MNL. Check out how i purchased online, hassle free and conveniently.

Maybelline (660 Touch of Spice)

If you want a matte finish nude pink, then this is perfect for you. These were on sale when i bought it, regular price is Php 299.00and bought them at Php 249.00.

Royalè Matte Lip Gloss

This is a gift from one of my bestfriends and i definitely love the this! 2-3 strokes of this product is enough for full lip coverage. Matte finish yet it is gentle on your lips.

Tip: My lip balm and lip stain before lippies helps my lips to be moisturized and helped me avoid dry or chapped lips. You may want to check out if this technique is for you because it could also alter the color effect in your lips.

When it comes to beauty product, it is always a trial and error method and when you buy inexpensive products and you won’t like it, then it would be easier to dispose since it was not that pricey. But when you dislike a Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Fenty or Kylie cosmetics, sometimes you are forced to use it because it is painful to let go of it. Who can relate?🙈

Step 0 and 8: Face Mist

Collagen Face Mist (Skin Lab)

This is always a part of my regimen, the beginning and the end. From skin prep to make up setting.

I use face mist after washing my face before my skin prep for make up. Also, i use face mist to set my make up and to freshen up. I transfer a portion of this to a small bottle so that i can bring it anywhere since the stock size is 150ml bottle.

This bottle is sold at Watson’s for Php 199.00 only and can be used for 3 months if you use it 5-6 times a day. It is manufactured in Korea and i love Korean products and this is one of them.


There you go! Beauty products need not be expensive. The key is really to have at least 8 hours of sleep and drink a lot water. I am also a believer of vitamins and supplements because i do not normally eat nutritious food. For my supplements, i take 1 gram of Vitamin C (Poten-Cee), 400mg Calcium(Caltrate) and Evening Primrose and Omega 3 (Profamol). Oversharing. Hahahaha.




Excited to share with you my daily/work make up products. Coming up soon! Thank you for reading. 😘

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  1. Jutta

    Wow! Ms. Hannae, thanks for sharing your beauty secrets.
    NYX , Rimmel and Maybelline are found in CVS, Target I didn’t know they’re equally good as compared to expensive brands.

    1. hannae Post author

      yessss mader para sa days nga wala kaayo rampa. easy for the pocket jud so ok ra pang everyday. hehehe so lucky kay walay rimmel store dri sa pinas. i like jud their products.

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