Kylie Posie K Lip Kit Review

As promised, i will share my review for Kylie Posie K lip kit.

I am a self-confessed lippie junkie and an avid follower of the Kardashians in terms of beauty and style. When Kylie launched her Kylie Lip Kit, i was very excited but unfortunately it is too difficult to get hold of the product. It is always sold out. I tried to check it online and the sellers sold it twice or thrice the price at the Kylie Cosmetics website. Big thank you to my supportive partner who surprised me with this Kylie K Posie Lip Kit and promised me that i get to have more in two weeks time!

Kylie Posie K Lip Kit

Kylie Posie K Lip Kit

Yesterday, i put on the lip kit, starting with the lip liner first around the edges of my lips. When i want to have a big lip illusion (i have thin lips) so i draw it above my lips. I do this when i go out for dinners or night outs. Just don’t overdo it.

Kylie Posie K Lip Liner

Then i put on the Matte Liquid Lipstick. When applying the matte liquid lipstick you could do your entire lips with one pass and i always suggest to to do it in one direction and should there be parts that you missed out,  just tap the tip of the applicator on that part. Never ever rub your lips together because matte textures is not the same as those sheer or satin ones.

The liquid lipstick dries up pretty fast so be careful on applying it. It is very pigmented and the liquid lipstick is so thin. You just need a little amount of the lipstick for full lip coverage which is really great! This matte lipstick is light, smooth and comfortable to wear knowing that matte lipsticks are usually heavy on the lips. I did not even blot my lips with a tissue(mostly i do this then re-apply again).13224035_453646914831690_981477292_o

After a day of using it, i did not re-apply even after drinking 4 cups of coffee (it’s a Monday, i need caffeine!) and many glasses of water too. I ate lunch and dinner and i am impressed that my lippie didn’t wear off.

What i like about the product is that it already has a lip liner to match the lipstick. I have a hard time looking for a perfect liner for a specific lipstick. The lip color suits me very well. I can wear it daily because it is neither flashy red or pink, more of a neutral color that i can wear when going to work. Plus it smells really good, a little sweet and a bit minty.

On wearing matte lipsticks, make sure your lips are moisturized and never put them on when you have cracked or dry lips as they will look rough and uneven. Note that i did not put on any lip balm or any lip primer before applying the lip kit. When i use matte lipsticks, i don’t put on lip primer or lip balm because i want to see the real color and its effect on my bare lips. I put on lip balm or lip moisturizer every night before sleeping just to let my lips recover from a day of putting on lipstick.

After shower, my lipstick was still there. I was trying to experiment on how long will this lippie last and so i ended up putting it out with lipstick remover before going to bed.

Looking forward to try more shades of this Lip Kit very soon and share with you my experience.

“Give the woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Kylie Posie K Lip Kit Review

  1. Joyce

    Looks good on you. It’s something interesting to try on for the rest of the ladies (ryt?). Where could we buy one? I could see its pricey. 🙂

    1. hannae Post author

      hello joyceee! it is sold at instagram at 2500-5000 but at the kylie cosmetics web site at 29 us dollars. try checking out makeupyourmind at instagram or sa facebook search for cosmetics fix cebu. usually it is pre-ordered, have to pay half then pay half when the item arrives.;

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