Kylie Koko K Lip Kit Review

I am so happy today because i got hold of Kylie Koko K Lip Kit earlier than i expected. I wore it going to work today and as expected it did not fail me.



It is a highly pigmented, rich matte lipstick and same with the Posie K quality, i only need one pass to achieve the desired color and lip coverage. It dries up easily so extra careful on applying it.


Kylie Koko K Lip Kit

Kylie Koko K Lip Kit

The color is Pale Pink. I have not really tried a matte pale pink shade before but this one is nice. It is something new for me to try and i love experimenting with new colors. Don’t forget  to moisturize your lips after wearing it.


Kylie Koko K Lip Kit is perfect with Pink Round Dior sunnies.

I can’t wait to share my reviews for more shades of the very famous Kylie Lip Kit. So famous that their web site crashed because 200,000 people logged in at the same time when they announce the availability of the lippies! I ordered a handful of the lip kits for personal consumption but if you wish to have a piece of any Kylie Lip Kits shade, please send me a message. I’d be more than willing to help. 🙂

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