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Previously i shared a blog of giving affordable options for Kylie lippies, Lippies For Less. It garnered so much viewers that i am so inspired to search for alternatives of the the beauty products that i wear everyday.

Choosing any beauty product is a struggle for every single woman especially nowadays that there are so many brands to choose from. It is often times a trial and error game, expensive game that is. Once a certain beauty product is suited to my skin type i tend to not explore other beauty products anymore but things changed when i went to Japan and Malaysia. I am obsessed with Japanese make up and Sephora make up. I actually made a beauty blog of the stash i bought during my recent Tokyo trip. Sephora Malaysia is by far the cheapest Sephora store i’ve ever been compared to Hongkong or Singapore.

Here is a list of my favorite beauty product and alternative/s:

1.) Starting off with foundation primer. I use Laura Mercier foundation primer until i discovered Naturactor make up base. I usually use primer if i have a whole day work and has a night out or dinner in the evening. I use this if i want my make up to last from morning to evening with a little to retouch.


2.) Concealer. I have been using Mac studio finish concealer for quite a long time now. This usually cost around Php 1,200.00. I found 2 alternatives for this one. Nyx Full Coverage Concealer that i bought at BeautyMNL for Php 200.00. Octard Creamy Foundation in S71 shade as i’ve mentioned on my previous blog that i used it as an under eye concealer. My under eye cream or concealer is always  a shade lighter than my foundation. Octard Creamy foundation costs Php 450.00 but it has a bigger container, twice as the size of both Nyx and Mac.


3.) Foundation. This is my 4th bottle of Mac Pro Longwear liquid foundation. I started using this when my sissy Reece gave me a bottle as a gift and it blended well on my face and i find it easy to apply as it just glides when i use my foundation brush. A bottle of this costs around Php 1,700.00. I discovered Kate beauty line just this year when i went to Tokyo and my cousin Heart showed me around. Apparently, Kate is a famous brand in Tokyo and one of the most affordable make up line i ever tried with results comparable to that of Mac or even Chanel. This Kate Base Zero is sold Php 600.00 per bottle. This one is a truly value for money!


4.) At the birth of contouring, i was very hesitant to buy contour products as i am not sure if i can pull it off. I did baby steps on this one, my good friend Dra. Arlene told me she was using Urban Decay Naked Flushed to contour her face. It actually has bronzer, highlighter and blush on in one sleek container. When we went to Kota Kinabalu two years ago, we found a Sephora shop at KK Times Square and i was able to purchase my first Naked Flushed. It was for me, one of the best beauty product i ever bought. I use it everyday and i find it very handy. I can bring it with me daily. It saved me so much space in my make up kit. Last month, we went to Penang and of course, i did not fail to visit Sephora and found this make up similar to that of Naked Flushed that i like so much and sold at half the price of from that of Naked Flushed. I immediately bought it  and tried it and what i like about it is that the bronzer is much darker and the highlighter is a little brighter. Although for some people, they may not like it but for me, i find this Sephora trio practical and i love the effect of the colors on my face.


Naked Flushed has a compact mirror while Sephora doesn’t have and that is the only difference i can tell, other than that i find the two products similar with a big price difference.

5.) Brow Set. I used to have Mac products obsession as you can see on the make up i listed and even up to the brows i still use Girl Boy Brow Set. This costs around Php 900.00 per piece. i discovered this Eyebrow Gel at Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Tokyo for around Php 100.00. Another great deal! This japanese eyebrow gel gets dry fast and it is a little hard when dried up unlike Mac brow set that is very soft on the brows. Still this japanese brow gel is a cheaper option.


6.) Liquid Eyeliner. I hoard (yes you heard me right, hoard! And so is my good friend Nieka who introduced me to Stila eyeliners.) for Stila eyeliners as they are always sold out at Rustan’s, so,  when i know that they have stocks on hand i usually buy three pieces or more. But this year, i hoarded K-Palette liquid eyeliners in Japan. Stila still has the thinnest brush but quality wise and on the basis on how long it stays on the lids, i think they are just the same. Stila is sold at Php 745.00 per peice while K-Palette is sold at Php 400.00 per piece.


7.) Mascara. For a dramatic lashes i opt to use Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara set. It has two easy steps, apply the transplanting gel (big container) and then apply the fibers immediately (small container). There is just a slight problem when using this as sometimes the fiber fall off from your lashes so you need to check on your face once in a while to dust off the excess fibers. Before Younique was introduced to me by my good friend, Angel, i have been a Maybelline mascara user as i found almost all of their mascara’s really nice. When they released this Hyper Curl, i tried it and as always, it did not fail me. Younique is sold at Php 1,500.00 – Php 2,000.00 per set while Maybelline Hyper Curl is sold at Php 199.00 per piece (Japanese Maybelline hypercurl is sold at Php 207.00 in Tokyo).

There you go, i hope that i was able to give you some make up options. Sometimes, it does not really mean that if the item is expensive it is automatically good on you. You need to try it first and check if it is suited for your skin type.

Ending this beauty blog with a quote from Bobbi Brown “I believe that all women are pretty without make up and can be pretty powerful with the right make up.”.


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