Weekend in Guam

It is the season of beach trips once again! One of the underrated beaches in the world is Guam. It is an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States of America. The inhabitants of Guam are called Guamanians and they are American citizens by birth. It goes without saying that their currency here is US Dollars. Indigenous Guamanians are the Chamorros. They comprise around 38% of the ethnic group followed by Filipinos at around 27%. Tourists are required to have a US Visa to enter this country. Guam is known for tropical beaches, shopping and scenic spots. Come join me as i share with you a weekend itinerary in Guam.

From the Philippines, there is only one route directly to Guam and that’s from Manila to Guam. There are three airlines operating this route namely Cebu Pacific Air, United Airlines and Philippine Airlines. We took a connecting flight from Cebu-Manila-Guam. It was a four hour plane ride from Manila.

I am always thankful for lounge access especially for connecting flights. We took a 7:00 pm flight from Cebu to Manila and enjoyed the amenities of the lounge while waiting for our 3:55am flight to Guam.

Wines and spirits at the lounge.

Hot meals and refreshments at the lounge.

Coffee and cookies too!


We arrived in Guam at around 10 in the morning, Guam time is (GMT +10) 2 hours ahead of Philippine time. From the airport, we took a ride thru Stroll app (similar with Uber) going to our hotel. TIP: If you want a cheaper way to go to Tamuning, you may book Stroll or hail a taxi to K Mart and ride a bus from there. Bus ride at Guam is priced at $4 at any distance.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport

Our agenda on our first day was of course to enjoy the beach of Guam. We opted to stay around Tumon area which is the touristy part of Guam. It was a place with white sand beach on the other side and shopping malls and restaurants on the other side of the street. It was like a big Boracay but cleaner and more organized. There were plenty of Koreans and Japanese tourists during that time and i was told that most of the tourists here are Koreans and Japanese. Filipinos usually are plenty during Christmas time which is the sale season of the stores.

Tumon Public Beach

Tumon shopping area has LA feels with palm trees and wide roads. Cozy coffee shops and restaurants lined up along the streets perfect for people-watching or even just to relax.



After basking at the beach for an hour, we took a break and took our late lunch at Pika’s Cafe. One of the famous cafe’s in Guam. What i really love in Guam is that there are so many Fil-Ams and we were lucky to meet so many of them during this trip. Everyone were so nice and friendly!

Pika’s Cafe


Loco Moco and Pork Belly Bun, two of the best sellers of the Pika’s Cafe.

We went around Tumon after a hearty lunch and checked out all the luxury shops and boy it was crazy! I bought another Rimowa luggage and i find it really cute to be able to find a Pearl Rose cabin luggage. It is a limited edition color found only in Rimowa stores at North America. Great deal!

We had a sumptuous Japanese dinner at Fujiichiban, the most famous Ramen resto in Guam. It did not fail us as it was equally delish as the authentic Japanese ramen we tasted in our frequent trips to Japan.


We ended the night with a pool swimming sesh at The Westin Resort.


We started our day at the beach. What is lovely about Guam is that Tumon Beach is a public beach, you can freely pass from any hotel going to the beach.

Passed through Olive Spa Resort going to the public beach.

The beach and the shoreline is very clean. Hotels does not bother if you are staying with them or not, you can use the beach loungers as long as it is not occupied.



We then head to Churrasco to have lunch. It is a Brazilian Steakhouse and Salad Bar. Unlimited Steak, salad, sidings and dessert! It was truly one of the best gastronomic experience in my life.

The steak was perfect! They have the sweetest pineapple which they roast as well. Most of their staff here are Filipinos and it made our lunch extra special. Once settled in your table, they will give you 2 cards, one green which means serve more meat and a red card which means stop serving meat but it was not applicable to us. The meat just kept on coming along with good conversations with the Filipino staff.

The unli-steak is served by the waiters but the salad, side dishes, main course and dessert was buffet style. They exceeded our expectations!

Lunch rate is $25 per person but really worth it.

After a very heavy and satisfying lunch, we were fetched by the driver of Blake’s Car Rental and took us to their office. A service that i appreciate the most.

We rented a car for 24 hours to fully enjoy Guam. After signing papers for rentals and insurance, we then started our afternoon tour. When you get the car at 2:00 PM, you are required to return the car as well the next day at around the same time. The owner of Blake’s was very helpful as he showed us a route to fully enjoy our 24 hour car rental. He gave us recommendations too. It is always nice to ask from locals since most of the time, when you do online research most recos would be all so touristy and more often than not, the best advise would always come from the locals who truly knows the best in their city.

They gave us a drive map and off we go. Aside from the drive map, we also used Waze app.

Here are the following sites that we visited at our afternoon road trip:

I. Hagatna Heritage Walking Trail

View deck overlooking Guam.

II. Senator Angel Leon Guerrero Santos Latte Stone Memorial Park

III. Plaza de España

IV: Paseo De Susana Park – Statue of Liberty

V: Two Lovers Point

This is a sacred place for Chamorros as this place is a symbol of eternal love. It is a Romeo-Juliet type of legend. It was told that during the colonization of Spaniards, There was a proud Spanish family, the father was a wealthy aristocrat spanish while the mother is a daughter of a Chamorro Chief. They were highly respected both from the Spaniards and Chamorros alike. They had a beautiful daughter admired by her natural charm and modesty. One day, she was told that she will be arranged  to marry a Spanish Captain and off she ran from hagatna to a secluded shore. And in the moonlit shore, she met and fell in love with a young warrior from a Chamorro family. When the father learned about it, he was very angry and together with the Spanish captain, they pursued the lovers up to the high cliff above Tumon Bay. When the lovers hit the edge and found themselves trapped, they look at each others eyes, kissed for the final time, tied their hair in a single knot and jumped off the cliff.


Two Lovers Point is open daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Park Admission is $3 per person (children 6 and under are free).

Other amenities include:

  • Souvenirs
  • Refreshments
  • KAHA Art Gallery
  • Picnic area
  • Pavilions
  • Restrooms
  • All-day trolley service from DFS Galleria and Micronesia Mall

For more information, group reservations or weddings, call 671-647-4107.



Sunset at Guam Beach Bar at Gun Beach

I am a self confessed sunset chaser and if you have been following my social media accounts, i have a collection of sunsets to all the places i traveled. I love the vibe here at Guam Beach Bar, they have a live band performing cool and beachy music. Such a laid back sunset session.

Guam Beach Bar.

Also one of the major reason why we opted for car rental is that we plan to go to the outlet stores which closes at midnight and finding a cab or stroll will be very pricey. We maximized the use of our car rental. We had light dinner at the biggest K Mart in Guam. I personally did not enjoy much of the shopping as i was converting to peso on the items that i want. Locals actually told us that prices in Guam are marked up 20-30% more than the US mainland price.


We started the day very early as we will return the car at around 2PM. We took the scenic south route of Guam. It was truly a relaxing road trip. The roads were wide and the places we went were not full of tourists.

Sunrise at Latte of Freedom

Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad



Inarajan Natural Pool


Merizo Bell Tower

Ypao Beach

This a part of the long shoreline of Tumon. This is the far end near Hilton Hotel. More basking under the Guam heat!


Late lunch at Proa which is one of the popular restaurants for tourists. They are famous for their Chamorro barbecue.


After our lunch we returned the car and they took us back to our hotel. We basked under the Guam heat for the rest of the afternoon and waited for another magical sunset.


No filter sunset. Amazing!

I will never miss eating at Meskla Dos, it is the home of the best burger in Guam and just across our hotel.




We woke up early to have a breakfast before we head to the airport for our flight back to Manila. We tried the 1,2,3 dollar breakfast at Mcdonald’s. I guess that was the cheapest food we paid during the entire trip.

Guam is such a beautiful tropical destination. It has a  whole stretch of white sand beach perfect for beach lovers and beach bums. Super clear waters and definitely a perfect place to chase Guam sunset. It is a perfect blend of beach and culture. The people are all so warm and friendly. It is like a home away from home because there are so many Filipinos there, which are mostly American citizens.

For millenials and feeling-millenial like me, there are so many instagram-worthy corners and places! Check out my photos in this blog or in my Instagram account @hannaeything as well as my Facebook page @Hannaeything for some inspos for photo ops and ootd’s.

Words and photos sometimes are never enough to describe each place, like Guam.  I feel that i under-describe this beautiful country. Nonetheless, it is a country worth visiting. I was actually inspired by a one of my best friends who totally fell in love with Guam and is one of his frequently visited country. He did not fail me, it was indeed beautiful.


Travel on!♥

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