Bogo (Cebu) Road Trip

Eat. Pray. Drive(Ride).

An uneventful Saturday became one happy day. The fabulous single women (Jbo, Xel & Moi) embarked into a road trip to the North of Cebu. I have been going here since 7 years ago since this was a part of my work territory.

My first stop will always be the Liloan Masi! Sold at 5 pesos each. It is such a delightful tummy treat.

Our second stop is lunchie at the famous stop over at Catmon, Duko Duko Restaurant. They have the best fried Bisaya Manok, Kaldereta, Papait and Pochero.

After a sumptuos lunch, we hit the road again listening to classic tagalog lovesongs. Hugot pa more!

Our final destination was at Birhen sa Odlot at Brgy. Odlot, Bogo. I have been visiting this church for so many years now. Sometimes, i go alone or with my mother. The patron of this church is Our Lady of Remedy.

This church used to be a very small chapel made of wood .

I’ve been coming here repeatedly but on this trip i was able to explore outside the church. We found a beautiful public beach just in front of the church.

Wishing we had swimwear. The water was so inviting!

We bought some chips and drinks at a nearby sari-sari store and positioned ourselves at the cottage free of charge.

We stayed there for another two hours just talking, laughing and keeping each others company.

We head back to the city with our hearts a little bit lighter and went home with beautiful memories.

Tips on how to enjoy road trips:

  • Bring lots of water for rehydration.
  • Bring along chips, candies and chocolates for you to munch on.
  • Prepare music playlist.
  • Enjoy the delicacies on each town. When up north, i always stop for Liloan Masi, Duko Duko Restaurant, Budbud Kabog, Pintos, Bibingka at Sogod and Suka from Catmon where you can see being sold at the roadside.
  • Check car brakes and car condition before going into a roadtrip.
  • Drive defensively.

For me, it is never about the destination but the company. You’ll never know that out of an ordinary trip you might just discover some beautiful places. Like what we discovered here at Bogo. So keep on traveling and exploring!

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14 thoughts on “Bogo (Cebu) Road Trip

  1. Realla Faye A Tabura

    Enjoyed reading it bru hannae!!! Congrats on ur 1st blog post! So proud of u, im assuming on ur next post, all Lynques will be present..yahooooo!! Excited much!!!

  2. Weng

    Oh my gosh! Im so proud of you ng!!!! Way to go!!! Blog some more! Yey! Salivating as of the moment. Budbud kabog,bibingka and masi for the win! Congrats ng!!! ❤️

  3. Joh

    H! Congrats on your 1st blog entry! Its very entertaining (not only because we’re part of the story hehe) & informative too! Looking forward to your upcoming posts which for sure will be equally fun & exciting! 🙂

  4. Noreen Mae C. Aycardo

    My dad is from Bogo but I haven’t been to this church. #shameonme 🙂 Will visit this place next time.
    By the way, love your cover photo ba na?! Haha! #blogworthy

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